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Stars to shower their blessings upon Lara & Mahesh, says Ganesha

Stars to shower their blessings upon Lara & Mahesh, says Ganesha

Bollywood beauties’ attraction towards muscular sports persons is not unknown. After Shamrila Tagore, Reena Roy and Neena Gupta, there’s one more to carry on the legacy. Here, both of them have been in the limelight, gone through heartbreaks and controversies, but no one knew that it would end this way; or rather give rise to a new beginning. Yes! We too, like the tinsel town, are talking about Bollywood babe Lara Dutta and ace tennis player Mahesh Bhupathi. It all started with ‘just good friends’ and hand-in-hand poses at award functions. It continued with Mahesh’s divorce with model Svetha Jaishankar, his wife of seven years. Everyone thought that this was just another passing affair. But, the duo shocked the netizens by tweeting that they have got engaged in New York, and the news spread like wildfire. Finally, Lara too seems to be all blushes after a string of failed relationships – live-in with Kelly Dorjee for eight years and that with Dino Morea. Like you, we too are eager to see the union of two great personalities coming together and
saying ‘I do’.

Is their relationship just a momentary bubble or a life-time commitment? Ganesha finds out with the help of Vedic Astrology.

Lara Dutta
Date of birth:- 16th April, 1978
Time of birth:- Unavailable
Place of birth:- Ghaziabad, UP, India

Lara Dutta’s Surya Kundli


Mahesh Bhupathi Surya Kundli
Date of birth:- 7 June, 1974
Time of birth:- Unavailable
Place of birth:- Chennai, India


Planetary Contact Points in Lara and Mahesh’s charts

  • Lara’s Sun and Venus are falling on Mahesh’s Venus
  • Lara’s Jupiter falls on Mahesh’s Saturn and Mercur
  • Both have Mars in the same sign
  • Barring these points, there are no other strong planetary contact points. Although, there are some Trines, Squares and inconjuncts, Ganesha finds above mentioned aspects the strongest.

Astrological Predictions

  • Ganesha finds that because both of them are born with Venus in Aries, emotional union between them would be very strong.
  • As Lara’s exalted Sun is falling on Mahesh’s Venus, it seems that Lara will brighten Mahesh’s love life. She will be able to encourage him and will make his life more worthy.
  • The relationship will remain very intense as there is Venus to Venus and Mars to Mars contact found in this relationship. Whenever Mars and Venus are connected, both the partners remain attracted towards each other physically.
  • As Lara’s Jupiter falls on Mahesh’s Saturn and Mercury, they will enjoy discussing various subjects and will also learn a lot from each other.
  • In short, planetary positions in both the charts are complimentary and this relationship has scope of culminating into marriage.
  • Marriage may be announced/fixed within next four months while Venus transits through Libra, because transiting Venus is currently in exact opposition with their Venus.

Ganesha congratulates Lara and Mahesh wishing the would-be couple good luck for the conjugal life.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni