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Stable times ahead for the spunky new mommy Lara Dutta, says Ganesha

Stable times ahead for the spunky new mommy Lara Dutta, says Ganesha

A contemporary Indian model turned film actress who is a complete blend of perfect beauty, grace and poise. And, the one who went on to win the very grand title of Ms. Universe in the year 2000, a second for India. She is none other than the very suave, the very sophisticated Lara Dutta. Born to an Indian father and an Anglo-Indian mother, Lara hails from a small city in Uttar Pradesh, and yet she managed to make a mark in the big, bad world of glamour. Lara, of the deep, throaty voice and extremely elegant ways, made India proud when she won the premier international pageant. Post that, the transition to Bollywood was a natural one, as the girl had no dearth of great offers, given her glam quotient and natural charm. The dusky beauty made her d?but in the Indian film industry with 2003’s multi-starrer Andaaz. The vivacious, spunky role won her that year’s Filmfare Best Female D?but Award. And, Lara had, truly and well, arrived!

However, the going turned out to be not as smooth as expected for the lady. Although, Lara did appear in a great many films, and there was never any shortage of offers for her, the films she did typecast her merely as a glam-doll. Substantial roles were far and few, and the ones where she received much recognition, even fewer. In the year 2008, Lara won the Rajiv Gandhi award for contribution to Indian films. And, two years later she married the ace lawn tennis player Mahesh Bhupathi. Lara and Mahesh became proud parents to a cherubic girl in January 2012, and people also saw Lara in yet another sensuous role in Don 2.

Lara celebrated her 34th birthday recently, and that gave Ganesha an opportunity to look into her natal chart to ascertain what lies ahead for her in the coming times. Will we get to see this talented, yet, definitely under-utilised actress in more powerful roles? Or will she be content to play the lovely mommy she is in the coming year too? Read on to find out.

Date of birth:- 16th April 1978
Time of birth:- Unknown
City of birth:- Ghaziabad, UP, India


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  • Lara’s time of birth is unavailable but as Moon didn’t change the sign on the day she was born, we can consider that Moon is in Cancer in her chart. Moon Square Venus is also found in the charts of many other beautiful and charming actresses including Marilyn Monroe,.
  • Mercury is debilitated but retrograde in her chart.
  • Mars conjunct Moon promises good wealth, but Mars’ debilitation indicates that she may take time to accumulate and save considerable wealth.
  • During the year ahead, transiting Saturn will maintain its opposition with Venus and the Sun placed in Aries in Lara’s chart.
  • Jupiter is currently transiting through Aries over her Natal Venus and Sun, and post mid-May 2012, it will form a Square with her natally retrograde Saturn.
  • After December 2012, Ketu will be transiting over Venus and Sun in her chart.

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  • Considering all the aforementioned points, Ganesha feels that although Lara is born with a good Natal potential as an actress, she will probably have to struggle during the year ahead.
  • During the second quarter of 2012, however, Jupiter?s favourable transit over her Natal Venus may bring her into limelight. The benign stars may not favour her for long though, and the spotlight may be short lived.
  • The second half of the year 2012 looks very average for Lara’s film career.
  • However, again February, March and April 2013 may prove to be important months for her film career, during which Lara, most likely, will earn good fame and money. This is because during the mentioned period Venus will form opposition with her Natal Moon and Mars, and later she will enter the Venus return phase.
  • She might have to focus more on her personal life during the year ahead, owing to which she might also have to let go of a few important projects, feels Ganesha.

In short, Ganesha foresees an average year ahead for Lara’s film career, barring few months during which she may remain in the spotlight, as indicated in the forecast.

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Ganesha wishes her good luck for the year ahead.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team