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Fame and success on the cards for Sonakshi Sinha

Fame and success on the cards for Sonakshi Sinha

Beautiful, voluptuous and unapologetically vivacious daughter of the Bollywood actor Shatrughan Sinha, Sonakshi Sinha made a smashing acting début in Dabangg in the year 2010. The Salman Khan starrer was the year’s highest grosser, and Sonakshi went on to win the Filmfare Award for Best Female Début for that year. Vibrant, refreshing and captivating, Sonakshi actually had started her glamour career as a costume designer. It was only lter in 2010 that she made her acting début. The star daughter status and the instant fame did not let her lose her way, though. She kept the momentum going, and appeared in a number of super hits like Rowdy Rathore and Son of Sardar. Constantly criticised by the fashion pundits and avid weight watchers, Sonakshi has never given in to the ideal norm of a Bollywood heroine. The rebel in her own right, Sonakshi celebrates her 26th birthday on 2nd June, and we wish her loads of success and fortune. Ganesha looks at her Natal Chart to predict her year ahead.

Sonakshi Sinha
Date of birth 2nd June 1987
Patna, Bihar, India

Sonakshi Sinha’s Surya Kundli


  • Sonakshi is born with Venus in its own Constellation that is Bharani.
  • Moon in Cancer and Venus in Bharani constellation make her very expressive. Mercury in Gemini indicates that she will have a good command on her dialogue delivery, and may also have a good sense of humour.
  • Jupiter with Rahu in Pisces indicates that she possesses wisdom, but wouldn’t be able to use it each-time she needs for her good.
  • Saturn-Sun opposition in her chart indicates a clear requirement for hard work, if she has to find progress at the career front, especially because Saturn is retrograde.
  • During the year ahead, Jupiter will be transiting over her Natal Mars and Mercury. Saturn will be in opposition to the Natal Venus and Ketu will be transiting over the Natal Venus.

  • Ganesha feels that the year ahead shall be progressive for Sonakshi.
  • Jupiter’s entry in Gemini will prove to be good for her for two reasons. One because Jupiter shall be transiting through the 2nd House from Sun, and another that it will be forming a sextile aspect with her Natal Venus.
  • However, Ganesha feels that Sonali will contuinue to work very hard to fine-tune her acting skills during the year ahead.
  • Ganesha feels that people will appreciate her performances during the next one year, and she will also stand a chance to bag an award during the year ahead.
  • ‘Mercury – Mars in Gemini’ factor in her Natal Chart will get a further boost during the year ahead, feels Ganesha. As a result to that she would be giving some bold statements in front of press/media, during the year ahead. Because of that she may also remain in controversy, but that won’t stain her image as an actress.
  • She may, however, have to face some emotional shock during the year ahead.

Summarily, Sonakshi’s year ahead looks bright for her career front, says Ganesha.

Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team