Soha and Kunal shall enjoy romance in its best form this Karva Chauth!

Soha and Kunal shall enjoy romance in its best form this Karva Chauth

Soha Ali Khan – Kunal Khemu – The Royal Connect
This unusual and zingy couple had been seeing each other for quite a while before tying the knot this year. As one of the most awaited festivals for any newly wedded bride, Karva Chauth approaches, Ganesha takes a look at the planetary picture to predict what does their married life look like.

Soha Ali Khan
Date of birth:- 4 October 1978
Time of birth- Unknown
City of birth:- New Delhi, India


Kunal Khemu
Date of birth:- 25 May 1983
Time of birth- Unknown
City of birth:- Srinagar, India


How will their married life be?

  • Soha is born with Venus in Libra, while Kunal is born with Venus in Gemini. As there is a Trine Aspect between Venus and Venus, this couple is tuned to understand each other’s needs in love. Thus, their married life is likely to be good. However, Kunal is born with Venus-Rahu in Gemini – a dual Sign. So, a word of caution for the couple is – they shouldn’t let their married life get disturbed due to external forces!

How will they celebrate Karva Chauth?

  • Transiting Venus, Mars and Jupiter will be in conjunction in Leo on 30th October, 2015, Karva Chauth. Mars and Venus are in conjunction in Libra in Soha’s Chart. This indicates that Soha is likely to remain in romantic mood this Karva Chauth.

Note:- Astrology cannot foretell if any celebrity will celebrate Karva Chauth or not hence there is just a description of the mood these celebrities would be in.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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