Do not expect much 'Zing' from this 'Singh' with the 'Bling'!

'Singh Is Bliing', releasing on 2nd October, 2015, Bombay.

Release time chart, Main Territory, Bombay

Important astrological observations:
  • 'Singh Is Bliing' will be released in Libra Ascendant.
  • Lord of the 10th House of the Release time chart is Moon, placed in the 8th House in it's sign of exaltation.
  • Lord of the 5th House of performance i.e. Saturn is placed in the 2nd House, forming an opposition with Natal Moon.
  • Saturn will be aspecting Mars, Jupiter and Venus with his 10th Aspect. 
  • The Lord of the House of Gains, the Sun is placed with Rahu and exalted Mercury in the 12th House of foreign lands and distant places.
Astrological predictions:
  • Considering all the astrological points mentioned above, Ganesha feels that 'Singh is Bliing' is not going to have a very good opening.
  • Performance of the actors is likely to be very average and may not receive rave reviews.
  • The Overall business of this movie will remain average.
  • However, in some Indian Territories and in foreign territories too, it is likely to do well.
  • Though chances of incurring losses are very less, Ganesha feels that this film is not going to earn expected profit.
  • This film may not be able to join the 150+ crore bandwagon easily.

Ganesha wishes good luck to the cast and crew of 'Singh Is Bliing'

With Ganesha's Grace,
Rantidev  A .Upadhyay
The Team