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Ketu may play the role of ‘Ek Villain’ for Shraddha in 2016 by creating hurdles…

Ketu may play the role of ‘Ek Villain’ for Shraddha in 2016 by creating hurdles…

Shraddha Kapoor
Date of Birth: 3rd March, 1989
Date of Birth: Unavailable
Date of Birth: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


  • Shraddha is born with Venus, Sun and Rahu in the Sign of Aquarius.
  • During the year ahead Ketu will be transiting over her natal Venus, Rahu and Sun.
  • Transiting Saturn will be aspecting her Natal Mercury with its 3rd House aspect and it will be aspecting her natal Mars and Jupiter with the 7th aspect.
  • Jupiter will be transiting over her natal Ketu till 11th August, 2016 and will be aspecting the trio present in Aquarius. After which it will be transiting through Virgo and will aspect her Natal Mercury with its 5th House aspect.

Anything Exciting? Nothing Much!

  • Shraddha is likely to find average progress in her film career as an actress due to Ketu’s adverse transit over Natal Sun, Venus and Rahu. This transit will act as a dampener for her and will not let things work as per her expectations on the creative front. But, Jupiter’s positive influence will act as a saving grace and this will help the pretty actress attract more offers and to give it her best in her ventures.

Be Patient for the Accolades to Pour In…

  • Her performance in films may not be appreciated much, although she will be putting in lots of efforts in the projects that she will be involved in.

Endorsements and Other Areas…

  • Her other works like advertisements and all may go well during the year ahead. She is also likely to be busy with a lot of commitments and appointments. The only thing that she needs to keep in mind with so much activity pouring in, is that she will have to ensure that she is able to keep her word and finish the projects within the agreed time.

Dawn of the Good Times…

  • If we talk about film career as an actress, period after January 2017 looks much better to Ganesha as the square position of transiting Saturn with her natal Sun and Venus will then end. Generally transiting Saturn’s or progressed Saturn’s Square with natal Sun gives a person hard times. In her case, transiting Saturn’s square with natal Sun indicates delays and challenges. So post the aforementioned period, things will get better for her and she may also gain greater prominence in the industry.

Don’t let the delays demotivate!

  • Ganesha feels that a better period will start after 11th August, 2016, when transiting Jupiter aspects her natal Mercury in Capricorn. With the support of the benign Jupiter, Shraddha will be able to take better decisions and will be able to bag offers with higher commercial significance, says Ganesha.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni
The GaneshaSpeaks Team