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Will Shiney Ahuja have a good comeback with Welcome Back?

Will Shiney Ahuja have a good comeback with Welcome Back?

Will Shiney Ahuja have a good comeback with Welcome Back?

Actor Shiney Ahuja, most notably known for his roles in super hit movies Gangster, Life in a Metro and Bhool Bhulayia and hauntingly enchanting ones like Woh Lamhe and Khoya Khoya Chaand, practically disappeared from the acting scene, post he got embroiled in a rape-charge. The actor, who started out with many popular print and television advertisements, given his good looks and intense eyes, rose to fame pretty quickly, despite many having their reservations about his ability to ‘act’. Cast by discerning director Sudhir Mishra, Shiney made his debut with the critically acclaimed Hazaron Khawahishein Aisi – for which he won many Best Debut Actor awards. In 2009, when Ahuja was going strong, riding high on his career success, he was accused of rape by his domestic help—a charge that was taken off in 2011. After fighting a rather demeaning and tiring legal battle, and also being jobless for years, as a result, Shiney returns to the silver screen with Anees Bazmee’s soon-to-be-released Welcome Back. Here, Ganesha looks at his Solar Horoscope to predict the way ahead for him –

Shiney Ahuja
Date of Birth :- 15th May, 1973
Time of Birth :- Not known
Place of Birth :- Delhi, India

Will Welcome Back be a good comeback vehicle for Shiney Ahuja?

  • On the day the film ‘Welcome Back’ is releasing, the transiting Jupiter will be aspecting Ahuja’s Mars, and will be in a Trine aspect with his Natal Mercury.
  • Rahu has been transiting through the 5th House of performance in Shiney’s Solar Chart.
  • Considering these factors, Ganesha feels that the chances of Shiney getting a plenty of appreciation in a soon to be released film are lesser.

What lies ahead for Shiney Ahuja on the personal and professional front?

  • Ganesha feels that Shiney Ahuja will have to continue to struggle a bit to get good roles at least till August 2016. After August 2016, when the transiting Jupiter shall give the 9th aspect to his Natal Sun and Venus, shall the chances of improvement in his career would be higher.
  • As Ahuja is born with Venus in Taurus, he does stand chance to progress well in a creative field (thus, as an actor), but Venus and Saturn are Natally conjunct in his Solar Chart, so his progress in the creative field will be slower and marred with obstacles, especially if he lacks discipline and tact (features of Saturn). Plus, he will have to cultivate a lot of patience in order to rise, yet again, as an actor.

Ganesha wishes well for Shiney Ahuja.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Rantidev A. Upadhyay
The GaneshaSpeaks Team