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Jupiter and Venus may spark the bond of friendhsip between SRK and Ajay, feels Ganesha…

Jupiter and Venus may spark the bond of friendhsip between SRK and Ajay, feels Ganesha…

Jupiter and Venus may spark the bond of friendhsip between SRK and Ajay

While Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan share an incredible chemistry on and off-screen, the latter’s equation with Kajol’s husband Ajay Devgn has been under constant scrutiny. However, their recent picture where the two were seen dining together, hinted towards a new budding friendship between them. But Ajay has refuted the reports about their friendship and said that they are just colleagues and not “good friends”. What causes the subtle animosity in this equation and why have these two stars not been able get to friendly terms from so long? Do the Planets have a role to play here? Ganesha explains that there is an astrological connection in this and indicates something positive for the two… Read on…

Shah Rukh Khan
Date of Birth :- 02nd November, 1965
Time of Birth :- 02.30
Place of Birth :- Delhi, India


Ajay Devgn
Date of birth :- 02nd April, 1969
Birth Time :- Not Known.
Place of Birth :- Delhi, India


Owing to the absence of the credible birth-time of Ajay Devgn, the analysis-predictions related to him are done using the Solar Chart, which has been constructed with the help of his birth-date and birth-place.

Please Note: In this article, we have referred to Ajay as ‘Ajay Devgn’ and not ‘Ajay Devg(a)n’, because the actor himself mentions/writes/spells his name as ‘Ajay Devgn’. So it is not to be taken as a typographical error/mistake.

Astrological Predictions
1) What do the planets indicate about the two heavyweight actors of Bollywood?

Shah Rukh Khan

  • As Shah Rukh is born with Leo Ascendant, he would be very ambitious and he will always have the innate desire to achieve the highest position in all areas of life and to create a mark of his own, based on his natural talents, strengths and Genius. Leo people are known for their grand view of Life and their Royal and Regal Nature.
  • He possesses great leadership qualities and he will be extremely generous towards his colleagues and the people around him, due to the majestic and magnanimous influence of the sign of his Ascendant – Leo. Due to the various planetary positions, it is evident that he believes in the best professional ethics and he definitely possesses the highest devotion and intensity towards his work.
  • He has various beautiful placements in his Chart. One of the brightest one being the placement of Jupiter and Venus in his Chart. The Lord of the 5th House – Jupiter is placed in the 11th House and Lord of the 10th House – Venus is placed in the 5th House and both these Planets are mutually aspecting each other. So, the thing to be noted here is that the Karaka for Arts, Acting, Drama, Creativity and Entertainment – Venus is excellently placed in the 5th House and is getting the auspicious aspect of Jupiter. So the Venusian traits are getting magnificently highlighted and in return Venus is activating the 5th House as well as the 5th House Lord Jupiter. So, as a result, we can see the artistic Genius of SRK, because of which he has achieved so much of fame and power. Even Rahu- the Karmic control Planet is activating the Venus ruled sign – Taurus and it is placed in an exalted position in the 10th House. Ganesha states that Rahu placed in a favourable manner in the 10th House, enables one to rise to dizzying heights in his chosen field. Even the Yogakaraka Planet- Mars is aspecting this Rahu, which adds to the power of Rahu.
  • Shah Rukh Khan has an extremely powerful Saturn forming a Sasha Yoga in the 7th House (A Kendra or a Quadrant House), that is in the sign of Aquarius. This Saturn is also aspecting his Ascendant, so this gives him the capability to work tremendously hard. We have often seen Shah Rukh’s co-stars and friends calling him a workaholic and a person who loves his work intensely. So, we can atttribute this particular aspect of Shah Rukh to the placement of Saturn and Rahu in his horoscope.
  • He may be somewhat shy and introvert, as per the planetary placements, though he may appear as one of the most spontaneous and outgoing personalities in the Film Industry. And, this can come across as one of the greatest ironies!

Ajay Devgn

  • Mars is Swagruhi in Ajay’s chart, so he has a tremendous fighting spirit. He is self motivated and energetic.
  • Venus though is retrograde, but is in it’s sign of exaltation which makes it very powerful and potent to give excellent results.
  • There is a Stellium of planets in the Sign of Pisces, which gives him that depth of creativity and makes him sensitive. This is a blessing for an actor.
  • It can be noted in the Solar Horoscope of Ajay, that the majority of the Planets are placed in the Water-signs – Pisces and Scorpio. This gives him the intensity and the seriousness and this also makes him a very reserved and introverted. He mostly talks less and keeps to himself and is very intense even in his performances.
  • Due to the strong placement of Mars in Scorpio, he has always been highly appreciated for his performances in action-roles and serious roles. He has that absolute masculine touch to his demenour and comes across as a very strong human.

2) What are the planetary influences that create some sort of animosity between the two actors?

  • Both are born with Mars in Scorpio sign. So, this indicates that both of them are highly competitive and are not the ones to take things lightly.
  • Shah Rukh’s Ketu in Scorpio (Ketu is Mars-like) falls on Ajay’s Mars in Scorpio. This indicates some animosity or some sort of ‘conflict of power’, though it may not be very apparent.

3) Are there any chances in the near future that these two actors will come to friendly terms?

  • In Ajay Devgn’s solar chart, 11th house of friendship is ruled by Saturn. Transiting Jupiter in Leo aspects his natal Saturn so that in
    dicates scope of building friendship.
  • Shah Rukh Khan is currently under the influence of the sub period of Venus. Venus is aspecting the 11th house of friendship in his chart. Moreover, transiting Jupiter will be giving 5th aspect to his Karma Bhuvan Lord Venus. So may be for some professional reasons or for work, he might have friendly terms with Ajay Devgn.

Ganesha wishes a great time ahead to Shah Rukh Khan and Ajay Devgn and hopes that they enjoy the bond of friendship soon.
With Ganesha’s Grace,
Rantidev A. Upadhyay and Aaditya Sain
The GaneshaSpeaks Team