This Karva Chauth will be a day of grand celebration in the Shahid-Mira paradise!

Most Talked About Wedding Of The Year
The imperfect, yet full of love Chemistry. This year, one of the most eagerly awaited nuptials were those of Shahid Kapoor & Mira Rajput. A lot was said about the age difference between the two, a hurdle both of them surpassed gracefully. On this occasion of first Karva Chauth for Mira, Ganesha looks into the Solar Horoscopes to predict the kind of bond they could share.

Shahid Kapoor
Date of birth:- 25 February 1981
Time of birth:- Unknown
Place of birth:- Delhi, India


Mira Rajput
Date of birth:- 7 September 1993
Time of birth:- Unknown
Place of birth:- Delhi, India


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How will their married life be?

  • Mira is born with Venus in Cancer which makes her a home & family loving person. Shahid’s Venus is in Aquarius – which makes him an intelligent, patient and possessive lover. Chemistry between the two though not perfect, will surely keep the spark on as long as they have the ability to let go or adjust as required, this will help them understand each other in a better way. Mira is full of emotions when it comes to love, whereas Shahid is patient in handling matters related to love and this could be a big ray of hope for a successful married life. After all, which couple doesn’t undergo high and low tides?

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How will they celebrate Karva Chauth (if they will, that is)?

  • Transiting Venus, Mars and Jupiter will be in conjunction in Leo on Karva Chauth, forming opposition with Shahid’s Venus and Mira’s natal Sun. Voila! If the couple is not busy with respective profession/activities, they would spend it romantically. Sumptuous food and wonderful romance – both are on the cards for the couple on this particular day, as per Ganesha’s view.

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Note:- Astrology cannot foretell if any celebrity will celebrate Karva Chauth or not hence there is just a description of the mood these celebrities would be in.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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