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Controversies may not leave SRK alone; Raees may give viewers a memorable movie experience!

Controversies may not leave SRK alone; Raees may give viewers a memorable movie experience!

Controversies may not leave SRK alone; Raees may give viewers a memorable movie experience

Talking of his upcoming releases, the stars seem more favourable for Raees than Fan; his production company – Red Chillies Entertainment is destined to become one of the most prominent production houses of all-time.

The Baadshah of Bollywood as he is most famously known as- the charismatic and endearingly charming Shah Rukh Khan is literally the reigning King of Bollywood and holding on to this title for so long is no mean feat at all! The charming star, for whom even 24 Hours are not enough in a day, has never showed any signs of ever slowing down! The philosophical star with a phenomenal presence on the Social Media, has been a source of inspiration to a thousands of people the world over and his success story always helps to restore our faith in the power of destiny, hard-work and fortune. With innumerable hit films to his credit and performances that will remain etched in the minds of all cinema-lovers, the King of Romance has been one of the most prominent faces of Indian Cinema in India as well as abroad. It shall forever be incomprehensible that how SRK manages so many projects and tasks with so much vigour, enthusiasm and spark! Let’s take the help of the cosmos and get an idea of how the path ahead will unfold for him.

Shah Rukh Khan

2 November 1965
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1) Why has Shah Rukh Khan been landing up into troubles so often?

  • It can be observed that in Shah Rukh Khan’s Horoscope, Rahu is transiting through the 2nd House, which happens to be the House of Speech. As may be already known, Rahu is a planet which makes the matters related to the House it may be transiting through tricky and troublesome. This transit of Rahu, which began around 18 months ago, will be ending on the 30th of January, 2016. But then the transiting Rahu and Ketu will then enter the Ascendant-7th House axis in the Natal Chart of SRK. So, he is advised to be very cautious while making any statements in press conferences and media interactions.
  • Moreover, Saturn – the tough taskmaster has also not been very kind to SRK, as it has been transiting over his Natal Stellium of Mars, Mercury and Ketu. Mars happens to be the Yogakaraka planet and Mercury happens to be the chief financial planet for him. Saturn’s transit over this stelliun would result into the areas represented by these planets getting restricted and limited. The flames of controversy getting fanned at a large-scale because of the hostile transit of Saturn.
  • This transit may have been causing an intensified level of turbulence within the Baadshah Khan and may further continue to cause frustration on certain fronts for him. This tough transit of Saturn will however result into Khan emerging as a more composed and evolved person, as Saturn plays the role of a ‘refiner’.
  • On 30th January, 2016, transiting Ketu enters the 7th house of his Chart and Rahu will be transiting through the Ascendant. For 18 months from then, Shahrukh may be prone to landing up into more controversies. He may also face legal issues. His public image will be tarnished if he is not careful. Saturn major period and Venus sub period is partly supportive but coming out of such problems unscathed would be difficult for the King Khan so he will have to be very cautious. His health will also require great attention. But the problems related to Saturn may subside post January 2017.

His film Dilwale hasn’t performed as expected at the Box-Office and as per the trade pundits, his statements about ‘Intolerance in India’ have probably had a great role to play behind the slow run of the film.

  • On the day of Dilwale’s release, the House of finances, i.e. the 2nd House was under the negative influence of the Mars-Rahu combined transit. In other words, his Yogakaraka planet – Mars was afflicted by Rahu. Additionally, the Moon was transiting over his Natal Retrograde Saturn, and this ought to lead to disappointment. The only silver lining here is that the Mars-Rahu conjunction was not a close one, so the film has been able to perform considerably well, though it may not have met the standards of SRK’s stardom.

Two of his upcoming films are much anticipated and the films are – Fan (April 2016) and Raees (July 2016). How are they likely to fare at the Box-Office?

  • Fan is scheduled to release on 15th April, 2016. If the release date remains the same, then the chances of the film firing on all cylinders will be somewhat bleak. Mars and retrograde Saturn will be transiting through Scorpio. Transiting Moon will be in Cancer (12th House of Shahrukh’s Natal Chart) on that day. Ganesha feels that this movie will do considerably good business at the box office.
  • Raees is likely to release on 3rd July, 2016. On that day, the Sun, Venus, Mercury and the Moon will be transiting through the 11th House of his Chart. This indicates that the Rahul Dholakia directorial venture will receive tremendous response from the audiences. This film may also do terrific business at the Box Transiting Jupiter’s transit through the final degrees of SRK’s Ascendant indicates that Raees will do well at the box-office and will give a good cinematic experience to the viewers.

So out of King Khan’s next two major releases – ‘Fan‘ and ‘Raees‘, it is most likely that Raees will take the cake!
His production company – Red Chillies Entertainment has now decided that the star will now be doing around 3-4 films a year.
3) What do the stars indicate in the coming future for SRK – the producer and businessman and how will his company fare in the upcoming times?

  • Astrology.FM observes that Red Chillies Entertainment was founded on 7th May, 2002, with a Stellium of Mars, Saturn, Venus, Mercury and Rahu in the Sign of Taurus. This Stellium of planets falls in the 10th House of Shahrukh’s Natal Chart. The planetary picture itself indicates great success and recognition for the company! This production company will do well post 11th August, 2016, once the transiting Jupiter enters Virgo and aspects thes Stellium of planets in Taurus. As it was founded during the Mahadasha (major period) of the Sun, the company will surely go on to become one of the most successful and prominent production companies. In October 2017, once transiting Saturn leaves Scorpio sign, chances of this production company doing much better, are higher. Till then, certain challenges and limitations may make the path uncertain for the company as per its foundation Chart.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team