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Shah Rukh Khan bags the title of the Sexiest Asian Man in the World

Shah Rukh Khan bags the title of the Sexiest Asian Man in the World

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has been voted as the Sexiest Asian man in the world in 2007, according to a list published by a weekly newspaper. Ganesha would like to give astrological analysis behind this great achievement.

Shah Rukh Khan’s Lagna Chart

It is the first time the 42-year-old actor has topped the list in its three-year history. King Khan was born on 2nd November 1965 in New Delhi with rising Leo ascendant. He is a highly acclaimed Bollywood actor as well as producer. The Lord of tenth house Venus, which is the significator of art and acting, is situated in the fifth house of acting. Hence, Khan started his acting career in 1988 appearing in the television series Fauji playing the role of Commando Abhimanyu Rai. The situation of Rahu is in Kendra i.e. tenth house indicating winning position in front of him. As Saturn is a slow moving planet, Khan is making step by step progress. At this time, he is under the influence of Antardasha of Rahu in Mahadasha of Jupiter. Antardasha Lord is placed in the twelfth house from Mahadasha Lord. This shows that the time till end of Antardasha Lord Rahu would not be favourable for him.

Shah Rukh Khan’s Navmansh Chart

In his Navamansh chart, Venus is in Aries which aspects first house. Due to having this planetary influence, he is a talented and successful Bollywood superstar. Venus is in Aries giving him sexual attractiveness. It also gives her magnetic personality. Venus rules attachments to others. Transiting Saturn- the Lord of Seventh house is currently passing through Ascendant and is aspecting the seventh house of social life. Moreover, transiting Sun is passing through fourth house and is aspecting the tenth house of career which makes strong career. The transit of Sun and Saturn are favourable. This is the major reason of getting the award of the sexiest person in the world.

Mahadasha period

At this time, he is under the influence of Mahadasha of Jupiter. Dasha Lord Jupiter is placed in the 11th house of fulfilment which is aspecting the fifth house where Venus is situated. His next Mahadasha is Saturn which will start from March 2008. Saturn is Swagruhi. Hence his future is bright in Bollywood. As Saturn is the significator of politics, there are strong chances of his joining politics from March 2008 onwards. He will reach a great height in politics and will shine more and get more success in politics. He will get tremendous social position as well. He will show some improvement for his problems at professional front.

Ganesha wishes him all the best for all his future endeavours.

Ganesha’s Grace,
Nikunj Suthar,