Seema Pahwa In ‘Ye Mard Bechara’ – What Mysteries Do Planets Unfold?

Published on October 26, 2021

seema pahwa

Actor and filmmaker Seema Pahwa’s upcoming movie, ‘Ye Mard Bechara’ is slated to release on Nov 19, 2021, which is International Men’s day. Besides, Seema’s daughter Manukriti Pahwa will make her debut in the movie.

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Seema Pahwa was born on Feb 10, 1962, in New Delhi. Her solar chart shows that Saturn, Mars, Mercury, Ketu, Sun, and Jupiter are in the same house of the Capricorn sign. Besides, presently Saturn and Jupiter are transiting over these natal planets. As so many planets are together, it is creating a sort of imbalance for her.

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In the year 2022, Jupiter will part ways with Saturn which may create a few hurdles in her career. The movie ‘Ye Mard Bechara’ is likely to get a lukewarm response.

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