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Scientific credibility of both astrology and season-of-birth research

Scientific credibility of both astrology and season-of-birth research

Astrology has been striving to achieve a level of science since years and time and again there is a question raised on Astrology’s scientific credibility. In the year 1899, Evangeline Adams, a very famous Astrologer from New York, had predicted the fire which took place in Windsor Hotel in New York. She was taken for trial in New York city court for fortune telling in 1914 but she wasn’t found guilty in this case and the judge stated that she raised Astrology to the level of exact science. She gave an altogether new technique of prediction to this world, known as ‘Accidental Ascendant Method’ – this doesn’t have anything to do with Accidents and Predictions.

Astrology is based on Astronomy, Planets, Constellations, Zodiac Signs etc. Many other concepts are considered while reading a person’s birth horoscope and that’s why horoscope was and still is called ‘Map of Heavens’. Season of birth really matters as per Ganesha’s view. At the time of a child’s birth, just looking at the horoscope, an Astrologer can predict the child’s fate, traits, ailments he or she is likely to suffer from and abilities that he or she might have. If we talk about the basics of Astrology and relation of the nature with it, it is very simple to understand.

  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Air
  • Water
  • Sky

These elements are referred frequently in Astrology. Someone born with a predominant fire element is likely to be hyper, energetic and enthusiastic because that’s the nature of fire element. Someone born with predominant water element will obviously be very sentimental and touchy, yet pretty creative. Ganesha would like to mention that when we cry, tears roll down our eyes, which is purely water element and thus connotes that a person is emotional!

An Astrologer E.H. Bailey has done lot of work on the subject of ‘The Prenatal Epoch’. It is widely known as ‘Aadhan Kundli Method’ in Vedic Astrology System. A horoscope is erected at the time of conception and based on that birth chart, predictions about the 9 months of pregnancy can be made. In many cases this method works better than Natal Astrology. During the gestation period of 266 days, planets keep changing their positions and they leave a very lasting effect on the child’s life, specifically its health. After having a very close look at Prenatal Epoch chart, it can be accurately predicted whether the child would be normal or abnormal.

According to Season of Birth Research, persistence of season of birth effects between the age of 6 and 12. According to Astrology, between the age of 6 and 7, Jeeva Karaka planet Jupiter (significator of life) forms exact 180 degree opposition with it’s Natal position. According to Graphical Astrology System, planet is said to be at the lowest degree when it reaches to opposition either from the Ascendant of horoscope or to it’s Natal Position. This is why the aspect ‘Opposition’ has been considered to be stressful. At the age of 12 first Jupiter Return takes place in one’s life. This is the time when person is much more in rhythm with this world. Jupiter Return indicates a new phase of development.

One more interesting fact is about ‘Saturn Return’. It takes place between the age of 27 and 30 years of age. This return is also known as Mid-life crisis. Generally, this is the time when one feels more pressurized and worked up but also learns many lessons about life and attains maturity about many things be it in career or love life. Due to this Saturn Return effect one becomes more practical and responsible.

A study done by Rodney Collin (ref. Book ‘The Theory of Celestial Influence) indicates that 1st Lunar Month is the time of child’s conception, 10th Lunar Month is when the child is born, 100th Lunar Month is 7 years of childhood and 1000 Lunar Months are completed at the age of 77, which is average age of a human being nowadays.

As per season of birth effect, child is found to be academically significant at the age of six, eight and ten. The age of 8 correlates with the 100th Lunar Month.

As per season of birth research, Summer birth is associated with dyslexia. Summer starts on 21st June in America. In Western WA it starts around 15th August and lasts till 30th September, where as in Southern Part of Arkansas it lasts from April to October. Ganesha notes that on 21st June,

Sun enters Cancer, a water denoting Sign. Sun is ‘fireball’ and is ruled by Fire Element, as per Astrology. Fire and Water do not get along well. This can be one of the reasons for dyslexia but in the last week of August Sun enters Leo and gets very powerful. When Sun is so powerful in it’s own sign, there should be least probabilities of child being dyslexic. Ganesha would also like to add here that a research should be held on children born during Mercury Retrograde period. This happens at least thrice an year. Mercury stands for ‘intellect’ and generally people born during retrograde Mercury phase have some or the other kind of special ability.

Many such instances may be found if we go deep down to the roots of Astrology. There is no point in questioning the truthfulness of Astrology because many things that science cannot even foresee or foretell can be easily predicted with the help of Astrology, be it weather or a person’s life. To sum up, Ganesha would like to say that astrological relevance with season of birth research is very high. Astrology is a pure science and if we look at things in hindsight we may realise that everything is correlated, nothing is vague or fluke. Seasons depend on Sun’s motion and rotation. If you are born during a particular season you ought to have some specific qualities which may be different than the person born during some other season. Astrology should be taken into account and it will surely be helpful in the growth of infants, if practiced modestly. Such research processes should be given motivation.

Ganesha wishes good luck to everyone involved in Season of birth research.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Tanmay K.Thakar,