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Know The Future Predictions Of Sanjay Dutt On His Birthday

Know The Future Predictions Of Sanjay Dutt On His Birthday

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Sanjay Dutt: His Life’s Overview

Sanjay Balraj Dutt was born on 29th July 1959 in Mumbai. His father, Sunil Dutt was a great actor and director in Bollywood. His mother Nargis too was a renowned film actress. Nargis passed away in 1981, before the release of Sanjay Dutt’s debut movie Rocky. She died due to cancer and it was a big shock for Sanjay Dutt. It is said that Sanjay Dutt got into the habit of taking drugs at the young age of 22 years. He got married to actress Richa Sharma in 1987, but she died in 1996 nine years after her marriage. Sanjay has a daughter Trishala from her first marriage, Sanjay married model Rhea Pillai in 1998 but due to some reason, his 2nd marriage resulted in a divorce in 2008. Thereafter, he married Manyata. Ganesha has peeped into the future of Sanjay Dutt using astrology. Here are the findings:

Sanjay Dutt Birth Details
Date of Birth: 29th July 1959
Birth Time : 3:00 pm (Unconfirmed)
Place of Birth: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Sanjay Dutt’s Career Graph And The Planetary Influence

His career graph, over the last few decades, had passed through different stages. Sanjay Dutt got embroiled into various legal issues after the Mumbai blasts. He had to stay in prison for quite some time, which also impacted his professional life. Sanjay Dutt became a famous actor due to the Venus-Mars combination. Mars is the planet of father, while Venus symbolises mother. Jupiter, the lord of the 9th house and lord of the first house, Moon are against each other. This planetary combination has made Sanjay Dutt gain success in acting. This is Sanjay Dutt’s birthday prediction. Do you want to know your birthday predictions? Buy Your Birthday Report- Premium and know your future.

Rahu Creating Problems In His Life

As Saturn is in the 6th house, so Sanjay Dutt had to make huge efforts to reach big heights in acting. He got involved in political issues because of the presence of the lord of the 6th house Jupiter, lord of the eighth house Saturn and the lord of the 12th house Mercury. As Saturn is aspecting Ketu, he got into serious legal trouble under TADA. However, Guru is aspecting Moon, so Sanjay Dutt came out of the jail in some time. Planetary combination made him unpopular and he faced insults in his career.

Will Rise In Profession

Sanjay Dutt saw good times in career from 12th September 2017 to 12th October 2018 as Jupiter was transiting in Libra. He received opportunities in career during this phase and he was able to improve his tarnished image. Saturn will move in Sagittarius sign from 22nd October 2017 and 27th January 2020. This will give him success and happiness as per his birthday predictions. Sanjay Dutt will get good movie offers during this phase. Do you want to know your future? Get the Birth Horoscope Free.

Benefits And Obstacles In Financial Growth

Sanjay Dutt’s planets show that his life in 2018 and thereafter will be far from a cakewalk. In fact, he will face difficult situations. Planetary combinations also show that he will face difficulties in the financial area. But situation will change gradually.

Health And Family Life

Sanjay Dutt’s health will be good in 2019, says Ganesha. He may face a few small issues in health. He may also face issues in family relationships due to the movement of planet Mars, says Ganesha. This may make him sad. Besides, he will be very busy doing his next movies. This may take a toll on his health. It may impact his relationship.

Movie Sanju Will Improve His Tarnished Image

Sanjay Dutt’s new movie Sanju was released recently. This movie will go a long way toward improving his tarnished image. This will happen because Venus is transiting in his tenth house. Consequently, his confidence will get the much-needed boost. He will be able to rebuild his career. The upcoming phase will be very good for his career. Sanjay Dutt will rebuild his prestige which got tarnished after the Mumbai bomb blasts in 1993. He will come back to his original self in career.

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