Sangram Singh – Winning hearts of the house-mates

Sangram Singh – Winning hearts of the house-mates

Bigg Boss 7 Series
The Opening Stance…

Sangram Singh: This wrestler who won a gold medal in the Commonwealth Wrestling Championship has appeared in many reality shows, so he is certainly not new to the glamour and fame that come with success. Sangram Singh is Mr. Good Guy in the Bigg Boss house. He shares cordial relations with all the house-mates which may work for him, especially at critical stages of the game. His frank and straight-forward comments have won him a couple or more friends in the show.

What do his Stars say?

Sangram Singh is a Cancerian – a kind hearted person. He would miss his family or beloved very much while he is on the show. Yet, the will power that he possesses will keep him going. Till he is emotionally attached with the game, the Bigg Boss house and the house-mates, he will play well. The moment his feelings/mood changes, he may start displaying withdrawal symptoms. Other house-mates will have to ensure that they do not hurt Sangram emotionally, as he is a very sentimental person.

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