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Ranbir may prefer to lie low in the next few months, indicate the stars.

Ranbir may prefer to lie low in the next few months, indicate the stars.

Well, if looks could kill – the famous Kapoor Khandaan scion Ranbir Kapoor’s would have certainly slayed many! The light eyed, fair skinned versatile actor with an illustrious family tree and a heart-warming smile took the nation by storm with his amazing screen presence, and quite deservingly is considered one of the most successful contemporary actors in Bollywood. In films like Wake Up Sid, Rockstar and Barfi, Ranbir displayed great maturity and depth as an actor. However, the last one and half year hasn’t been a great phase for talented actor’s career, what with two of his ambitious projects failing to ignite the desired response at the box office. In his personal life, Ranbir has been going steady with his lovely sweetheart. Will we get to hear wedding bells soon? And, will Ranbir’s career pick up pace with his soon-to-be-released Tamasha? Finds Ganesha.

Ranbir Kapoor
Date of Birth :- 28th September, 1982
Time of Birth :- Not Known
Place of Birth :- Bombay, Maharashtra, India



  • The transiting Jupiter through Leo will be aspecting Ranbir’s Natal Ketu – till 11th August 2016.
  • Rahu has been transiting over Kapoor’s Natal Sun, Natally retrograde and Mool-trikona planet Mercury, Natal Venus (which is in the Neech Bhang Yoga) and Natal Saturn. This planetary transit will continue till 30th January 2016. Note that almost all major planets in Ranbir’s Solar Chart are getting influenced by the malefic Rahu.
  • Saturn currently transiting through Scorpio will continue its journey over Ranbir’s Natal Mars, during the entire year ahead.

  • Considering the planetary transits during the year ahead, Ganesha feels that Ranbir’s performance in the movies during the year ahead may remain above average. However, nothing spectacular may be expected.
  • On his own, Ranbir will be willing to look for new and more challenging roles, but may not remain lucky enough to come across many projects of his choice.
  • Star indicate that Ranbir may do only a limited number of films, during the year ahead.
  • Ranbir’s personal life too may not be quite sorted, as per the starry alignments. His personal realm may remain a bit complicated. The vibes may confuse him, and on specifically relationships.
  • Saturn’s transit over Natal Mars may remain tough for Ranbir, and thus, he will need to take a good care of his health in the time ahead. This planetary transit may also adversely affect his vigour/ vitality.
  • On the whole, Ganesha feels that Ranbir Kapoor may have a rather quiet year ahead.

27th November 2015Release Time Chart


  • The much awaited Ranbir Kapoor Deepika Padukone starrer Tamasha will be releasing with Sagittarius Ascendant.
  • The Ascendant Lord Jupiter is placed well in the 9th House.
  • Venus, Rahu and Mars are placed in the 10th House of the film’s Release Time Chart.
  • Moon is exalted in the 6th House of this Release Time Chart.
  • The 10th House Lord Mercury in this Chart is placed with 9th House Lord Sun in the 12th House.

  • Stars portend that the film Tamasha will enjoy good opening.
  • However, this may not translate into long-term success. The initial peak may soon slide down, feels Ganesha.
  • Nonetheless, the movie may do well in foreign sectors.
  • Performance-wise, the expectations may not be met. In fact, some of the actors may receive criticism for their character portrayals.
  • But, this film will release during Ranbir’s Venus-return phase. So, undoubtedly his performance will be quite good in Tamasha, and it shall be highly appreciated.
  • Post this movie, Ranbir may also be offered a few roles of the same type/ genre.

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