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Rajinikanth – an enigma – turns a year older! Ganesha advises him to take care of his health in the coming year.

Rajinikanth – an enigma – turns a year older! 
Ganesha advises him to take care of his health in the coming year.

Rajinikanth – the superstar and South Indian sensation has already attained astounding success that remains unparalleled so far for any lead actor in the Indian cinema. Till now, Rajinikanth has given numerous hit films and enchanting performances, not only to the Tamil cinema, but also to Telugu and Hindi cinema. Rajinikanth celebrated his 64th birthday on December 12, 2014. On the very same day, his latest flick ‘Lingaa’ was released all over India in three Indian languages – Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. As per the insights received from the producer Rockline Venkatesh, the film has been released over 2000 screens worldwide. As always, the audiences and producers are expecting the film to catch everyone’s imagination. Rajinikanth is playing a double role in Lingaa. The movie has music composed by none other than A.R. Rahman, and film stars Sonakshi Sinha and Anushka Shetty as female leads. The veteran actor has appeared successfully with many heroines half his age, and has still managed to give impressive, believable performances. Starting his career as a humble bus conductor, the super popular star Rajinikanth is surely an enigma, and Ganesha takes Rajini sir’s birthday as opportunity to take a look at his Horoscope to predict what lies ahead for him in the coming years.

Rajinikanth’s Horoscope

Born with Leo Ascendant – Rajinikanth is currently under the influence of Saturn major period and Rahu sub period, which will continue till 8th July 2015. Saturn is placed in the 2nd House of his Chart, while Rahu is placed in the 8th House.

The transiting Jupiter will be aspecting Rajini sir’s Natal Mars and Moon, till July 2015. After that Jupiter will be transiting through his own Ascendant House. The slow moving Saturn is transiting over the senior actor’s Natal Sun. Rahu will be transiting through the 2nd House of his chart, till January 2016.

Considering the super popular actor Rajinikanth’s Natal planetary positions and the effect of transiting planets on his Horoscope/ Chart, Ganesha feels that the year ahead is likely to be good for Rajinikanth – largely from the career point of view.

However, it may be a slightly tough year for the financial matters, and also from the health perspective, Saturn’s transit over Rajini sir’s Natal Sun may deteriorate his health gradually, so he will have to be very cautious and careful in the coming time, till the current transit of Saturn operates – till early 2017.

Threat or danger from government/income-tax department is also foreseen for the popular actor, due to Rahu’s transit through his House of Finances and Saturn’s difficult transit over his Natal Sun (Saturn is the significator of government or authorities).

Meanwhile, the time of Rajinikanth’s Solar Return in the year 2014 is likely to remain relatively good for him. His birth month is going to flood the box office with collections and audience queues.

During the 2nd half of 2015 too, we can expect Rajinikanth sir to come up with a great film project. Or, he may do something extraordinary during the said period, feels Ganesha. Between July 2015 and July 2016, he is also likely to win some award.

GaneshaSpeaks.com team wishes good luck and a belated happy birthday to Rajini sir. May Lord Ganesha bless the superstar with a great year ahead.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team