an unassuming Maharashtrian bus conductor in Bangalore agreed to
learn Tamil and do a small role in a stage play, he would never in
his wildest dreams have imagined that one day he would be the idol of
millions of Indians the world over. Rajinikanth, the undisputed
superstar of Tamil cinema (also known as Kollywood), came from humble
beginnings- a fact that reflects in his modest demeanour even

honoured with the Padma Bhushan, the Indian government's highest
honour, for his contribution to cinema, is no mean achievement, but
Rajini retains his humility. His inimitable style is accentuated with
his gravity-defying stunts and unforgettable peppy one-liners
delivered with his trademark exaggerated mannerisms. Since he first
appeared as protagonist in the movie Bairavi
in 1978, he has acted in some of the highest grossing Tamil movies
and even made a few blockbuster appearances in Bollywood films like
Kanoon, Chalbaaz

and Hum.

Known to his
ever-increasing fan base as Thalaivar, this icon of Indian cinema
inspires such adulation in his fans that they have vowed to get his
next birthday (12-12-12) officially declared as the World Style Day.
Rajini jokes flood the social networking sites every time he has a
movie due for release, elevating him to an almost celestial status.
He is everyone's favourite superstar- one who displays no love for
material success, and yet is the very embodiment of it. His
down-to-earth charm and polite behaviour endears him to colleagues
and media members alike, and his body of work is an inspiration for
every Kollywood aspirant. Ganesha
attempts to read the natal chart of this superstar, and predicts what
lies ahead for him in the coming years.

of birth:- 12th
December 1949
Time of birth:-
City of birth:-
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Surya Kundli


  • Rahu
    will be transiting over Natal Sun in Rajnikanth's chart till end of

  • Till
    May 2012, transiting Jupiter will be aspecting Natal Moon, Saturn
    and Mercury.

  • Transiting
    Jupiter and Ketu will be conjunct in the 7th House from Sun post May 2012.

  • Mars
    will be transiting over Natal Saturn and Moon almost till mid of

  • Transiting
    Saturn would be aspecting Natal Mercury by the third aspect
    throughout the year.


  • Rajnikanth's
    name/fame will keep on increasing during the year ahead, and we can
    also expect him to come up with some interesting project in the
    second half of 2012.

  • On the other
    hand, Ganesha feels that he will have to take very good care of his
    health during the entire year because of Rahu's transit over Natal
    Sun and also because of Mars' transit over Natal Saturn and Moon.
    Physical injury, an operation or treatment for an ailment are on the
    cards during the year ahead.

  • He may receive
    an award during the year ahead, feels Ganesha.

  • Ganesha feels
    that he will have to be a bit cautious, before investing money in
    film industry during the year 2012, because there are chances of
    losses, especially if he directly invests in a project. At the same
    time, if he finances a project, there may not be any issue.

wishes a great year ahead to superstar Rajinikanth.

N. Pattni
GaneshaSpeaks Team