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Moon-Rahu, Formidably placed Venus and Saturn – the Spectacles of Raj Kapoor’s Chart!

In India, Raj Kapoor and Cinema seem like two inseperable words or synonyms of each other. The ultimate ‘Showman of Bollywood’ that he was, the Kapoor heavyweight has presented the movie-loving multitudes with the finest cinematic experiences. He is highly regarded as one of the parts of the most luminous triumvirate of Indian Cinema, which consists of Raj Kapoor himself along with Dilip Kumar and Dev Anand. India celebrated one of its most favourite actors’ birthday on December 14. Check out the exclusive astrological portrait of the iconic and legendary actor crafted by Ganesha!

Raj Kapoor
Date of Birth: 14th December 1924
Time of Birth: 22.00 Hrs.
Place of Birth: Peshawar, Pakistan


The Spectacles of the Horoscope of the Ultimate ‘Showman’:

  • Raj Kapoor was born with Cancer Ascendant and lord of ascendant Moon is placed in its own sign with Rahu and Neptune in his Natal Chart.
  • The combination of Moon and Rahu in Astrology represents extraordinary thinking abilities and a very different view of life. People with this combination in their horoscopes usually tend to think very differently from the normal people and thus they can be very good pioneers. Raj Kapoor was indeed a pioneer and has had created a legacy for himself on the strong base of his ingenuity. The Moon-Rahu native is said to be deep-thinking individual and these natives are blessed with extraordinary imagination and creativity. Rahu stands for all things that are differents from the normal and average and its conjunction with the Moon infuses into the native the ability to come up with novel ideas, innovative and unique concepts and also blesses the native with the boldness and conviction to stand by their thoughts. These individuals also have a certain vision and an intense desire to create something new. Raj Kapoor was the man who revolutionised Indian Cinema with brilliant stories, movie concepts, novel film-making styles and with different elements of cinema. The Moon-Rahu natives even have an eye for detail and this definitely can be considered a strong point for the people in the creative fields as they are able to observe those aspects which may have beaten the view of others! Even as a director and a producer, thus, he excelled.
  • The Moon and Rahu conjuction further got a boost with even Neptune joining in, in the Ascendant and even this can be considered a contributory factor for his creative mind and deep intelligence. He had his own ideologies. It made him sharp, observant and logical with a great power to understand the nuances of cinema. The Moon and Rahu together gave him creative ideas and The Moon and Neptune gave him a visionary mind and a sense of how to apply it. This is why he has been able to deliver very good performances through the art of acting and direction.
  • Coming to the fundamentals and basics, Ganesha says that Venus is the prime significator of arts and creativity. Venus’ position in the 4th House in the Sign of Libra along with Saturn makes for a great placement. The beauty of this placement lies in the dignity that Venus and Saturn gain due to their placement herein. Venus happens to be placed in its Swakshetra and Moolatrikona Sign and Saturn happens to be placed in its Sign of exaltation! What better planetary wonder and support can an artist be blessed with! In Astrology, Venus and Saturn happen to be Parama-Mitras and their placement in the 4th House augured very well for Raj Kapoor. The fourth House rules heart and emotions, so we can make make out that ‘Acting is close to his heart’!
  • Venus conjunction with the Saturn strongly favored Raj Kapoor and his acting skills pursuits and also ensured that he gained fame and recognition because of them and also gave him the enormous public response and mass appeal in India and Oversees also.
  • The Yogakaraka and the lord of the House of performance Mars was posited in the 9th House in Pisces in his Chart. It bestowed upon him great fortune as the placement of the Yogakaraka in the House of Fortune is one of the most fortunate placements.
  • Mercury is exalted in the Navamsha Chart. Though it’s not a benefic for his Ascendant, it is to be noted that it is in Venus’ Constellation – Purvashadha. During Mercury Mahadasa (1939 to 1956) RK’s journey begun, he established RK films and continued his endeavours. The Showman’s real show begun during Venus major period that operated between 1963 to 1983. However, as Venus is Badhakadhipati too, he faced troubles with movies like Kal Aaj Aur Kal, Sangam and Mera Naam Joker, where as he later on also gave us films like Bobby and Satyam Shivam Sundarm in which he took the cinematic beauty and the beauty and magic of as female character to the next level (in display/exhibition)!
  • All these planetary positions in Raj Kapoor’s Chart made him a powerful and prominent Show Man of Indian cinema. His performance in Awaara was ranked as one of the top ten greatest performances of all time by ‘Time’ magazine. His films attracted worldwide audiences, particularly in Asia and Europe. The Government of India honoured him with the Padma Bhushan in 1971 and the Dadasaheb Phalke Award in 1987 for his contributions towards Indian cinema.

May Raj Kapoor soul rest in peace and may his glory eternally enchant people.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team