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Ragini MMS2 may not be a blockbuster, predicts Ganesha

Ragini MMS2 may not be a blockbuster, predicts Ganesha

After Gulaab Gang and Queen comes another women-centric film – Ragini MMS2. However, expecting a storyline similar to the women-oriented films of the past few week would be not right. The sequel of the surprise hit Ragini MMS, Ragini MMS2, starring Sunny Leone in the lead, is an adult-horror flick directed by Bhushan Patel and produced by Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor. The marketing gimmicks, heavy media promotions, the chart-busting music score and more than anything else, some steamy scenes by the sizzling hot Sunny Leone have generated great buzz about the film. However, many believe that all the hype will fizzle out if the focus is too much on glamour and sensuality than on the content – which looks to be the case. Looking at the release time chart of the film, Ganesha also feels that Ragini MMS2 is going to have a very average start at the box office.

Let’s see what else the planetary positions in the film’s release time chart suggest.

  • Ragini MMS2 will be releasing with the Aries Ascendant. Venus, the significator of arts, is placed in Capricorn in the film’s release time chart.
  • Mercury in the 11th House with Neptune in the aforementioned chart indicates that in smaller territories and small pockets, this film may do better than average business. However, in the multiplexes, the film is not likely to open to full-houses. In fact, it is a strong possibility that the movie may not even see more than 50%-60% occupancy even in the initial week. In that case, the film’s business and revenue shall largely depend on the performance in the smaller pockets.
  • Venus is in exchange with the retrograde Saturn in MMS2’s release time chart. And, this exchange happens between the Lord of the 10th House and 7th House. Plus, four planets – Moon, Rahu, retrograde Mars and retrograde Saturn – are placed in Libra.
  • As Moon has crossed Saturn’s degree and is on the verge of changing the Sign, it rules the Stellium. Moon is heavily afflicted, plus it is in the ‘Void-of-Course’. Hence, although it is the ruler of the Stellium, it has lost the power.
  • Due to Venus’ exchange with Saturn, the film’s music may pick up a bit – but it shall be momentary. However, the film may also get into some controversy, or there may be some controversial or objectionable scenes in this film – which, as it happens, is already eveident.

All in all, the film will do average business at the box-office. Astrologically, it is not a blockbuster material.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni
The GaneshaSpeaks Team