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Know The Future Of Priyanka Chopra – Nick Jonas Relationship

A romantic relationship between two young celebrities is bound to generate lot of heat and gossip. Well, the flourishing relationship between Indian actress, singer, film producer, philanthropist, and the winner of the Miss World 2000 pageant Priyanka Chopra and American singer, songwriter, actor, and record producer Nick Jonas falls under this category. At the same time, this relationship involves lovers from two different nations. So, its bound to heighten the excitement all the more. They got engaged in August 2018. Now Ganesha has analysed their relationship and predicted the future. Read on to know the findings:

Priyanka Chopra Birth Details
Date of Birth: 18th July 1982
Birth Time: Unavailable
Place of Birth: Jamshedpur, Jharkhand (Earlier Bihar), India

Nick Jonas (Nicholas Jerry Jonas) Birth Details
Date of Birth: 16th September 1992
Birth Time: Unavailable
Place of Birth: Dallas, Texas, United States

Venus, the prime signifier of love and intimacy is placed in Mercury, in both the horoscopes. So, both Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are stimulated by their intellect and not just the physical appearance. This means their relationship won’t be just about passion and emotions, they will as well develop a deep bond at an intellectual level.

Planets foretell Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas will be mutually flexible and adaptable. This can create an excellent partnership between them. So, they won’t just be life partners but also good friends and companions. Do you have any confusion in your relationship? Buy the Relationships Ask Question: Detailed Advice report and get the answer.

Their social interests and cultural beliefs are likely to be different because of natal Rahu and Ketu. But these differences won’t make much of a disturbance and Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas will move ahead in a harmonious manner.

The astrological position of Moon suggests that they will be practical lovers. The emotional bonding between them will be proportionate to the physical intimacy which they share. More the intimacy they share, stronger will be their emotional bonding. Do you want to know what your birth stars say? Access the Birth Horoscope Free Report.

Nick Jonas will get attracted to Priyanka Chopra because of her dynamic nature. On the other hand, Priyanka will be predominantly calculative and rational towards her partner. Nick will be a keen observer of how their relationship is moving on.

Overall, the mutual warmth in their relationship is foreseen in their charts. Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas will want to satisfy each other to the maximum.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Acharya Bhattacharya
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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