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Zinta May Be More Engaged in the Business Sphere and Social Events; Films May Not Be Her Priority 

Zinta May Be More Engaged in the Business Sphere and Social Events; Films May Not Be Her Priority 

Zinta May Be More Engaged in the Business Sphere and Social Events

Her decision-making capabilities and focus may get affected; a very active life foreseen for her in 2016…
Preity Zinta is one actress who never fails to capture our hearts with that infectious, thousand-watt, one-dimpled smile! We had all grown fond of her of cuteness and she charmed us with her performances in movies like Kya Kehna, Kal Ho Naa Ho, Veer Zaara, Salaam Namaste and Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna.Many would be surprised to know that Dil Se was her debut movie and not Kya Kehna! She is even the winner of the Godfrey Philips National Bravery Award apart from winning Filmfare Award for Best Debut Female and the Filmfare Best Actress Award. In the recent times, she has enjoyed great popularity as the owner of the IPL Team – Kings XI Punjab. Let’s check out what in store for her in the path ahead.

Preity Zinta- Actress – Birthday Prediction
Date of Birth :- 31st January, 1975
Time of Birth :- Not Known
Place of Birth :- Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India


[Owing to the unavailability of credible birth-time of Preity, the analysis and predictions have been done on the basis of the Solar Chart/ Surya Kundli with the help of his birth-date and birth-place only.]

Important Astrological Observations:

  • Transiting Jupiter will be aspecting her Mars in Sagittarius, and will be aspecting her Natal Mercury, Jupiter and Venus in the Aquarius Sign of her Solar Chart, till 11th August, 2016.
  • Saturn will be transiting over her Natal Rahu in the Scorpio Sign. It will be aspecting her Sun in Capricorn and also her Ketu in the Taurus sign during the entire year ahead.
  • Ketu will be transiting over the planets posited in Aquarius, during the entire year ahead.

Important Astrological Predictions:

Green Signal for Socialising?

  • The time is ripe for Preity to socialise and expand her ntework base. She will be surrounded by great amounts activity and many things will demand her attention.

Luck in Films…

  • Her performance would not be too impressive in the movies during the year. She may not get the exptected response of the audience for the movies.

Not in a hurry to bag film offers?

  • The planets indicate that Preity won’t be in a hurry sign any films currently and if she decides to work in films, then she will have to put in great efforts to make things work.
  • The one-dimpled beauty may not be able to create the same magic on-screen in the year ahead, if she works in films.

Mixed Fortunes?

  • There will be the combined effects of the aspect and transit of Jupiter and Ketu respectively on the planets in the Sign of Aquarius in her Chart. She may come across a lot of opportunities, but may also feel disinclined to grab the opportunities and to make the best use of them. She may tend to take things lightly on most occasions.

The Personal Sphere…

  • Ketu’s transit over her Natal planets in Aquarius will also create problems in her personal life.

The Final Word:

  • 2016 may prove to be an year of a lot of activity, new opportunities, drastic changes and some complications in personal life. Venus – the planet of love has been under the auspicious influence of transiting Jupiter in Leo, but February onwards, Ketu will play spoilsport and matters related to the heart may also not give her the expected happines. Her logic may tend to get clouded on some occassions, so needs to take the advice of her well-wishers and close confidants. But one thing, that Ganesha notes here is that she may have been experiencing a lot of mental turmoil in the past 18 months, and this will improve after February 2016.

Ganesha wishes a great time ahead to Preity Zinta on her Birthday.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Rantidev A. Upadhyay
The GaneshaSpeaks Team