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Has Preity broken up with Ness?

Has Preity broken up with Ness?

Rumour mills are working overtime about the possible break up of the most talked about couple in town, Preity and Ness. Bollywood insiders insist that it is Preity’s popularity with the cricketing fraternity and her ‘closer than comfort’ relationship with Yuvraj Singh, skipper of Kings XI, that has caused the rift. Of course, Preity has slammed the break-up rumours, clarifying with- ”We did NOT break up!” Preity and Ness, who own Indian Premiere League (IPL) team Kings XI Punjab, have been dating each other since February 2005. Their couple status came to attention at the first IPL season bidding in 2008.

While speculation is rife in B-town about Preity and Ness’ break-up, Ganesha predicts the future of this relationship.


  • Ness has Rahu in Capricorn, which falls on Preity’s Venus, Jupiter and Retrograde Mercury
  • Ketu is in Taurus in Preity’s Chart and is falling on Sun in Ness’ Chart
  • Retrograde Saturn in Preity’s chart falls on Venus and Mars in her beau’s chart
  • Both have Mars in opposition
  • Thus, Preity’s Mars creates opposition Venus and Mars in Ness’ horoscope
  • Currently, Rahu is transiting over Sun
  • In Preity’s Chart, Mars is transiting over Venus.

Ness Wadia’s Eros and Psyche as per Western Astrology System
Eros is in Capricorn and Psyche is in Taurus

Preity Zinta’s Eros and Psyche as per Western Astrology System
Eros is in Cancer and Psyche is in Pisces

  • Ness and Preity’s Eros are in opposition. Eros is the Kaam Dev of Indian Mythology and whenever seen in strong connection in couple’s horoscope, they are said to be ‘made for each other’.
  • The Venus-Mars opposition in Preity and Ness’ chart also indicates that there will always be a very strong attraction between them, and they will find it very difficult to live without each other.
  • Though Preity has a tough time in this relationship till mid November 2009, the planetary strength in both the charts should help the couple stay united.
  • As of now there are only rumours of a split, and Ganesha feels it might be a temporary phase. The couple may be back together, even if they’ve actually parted ways.
  • Preity is advised to be cautious till April end, as even small efforts to make friends can work against her. Ness, on the other hand, is a man of firm decisions and he sticks to them. So Preity will have to stay put to carry the relationship to the next level.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team