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Prakash Jha Faces Ire Against ‘Ashram 3’? What The Future Beholds?

After the success of the crime drama web series on MX Player Originals, ‘Ashram 1’ and ‘Ashram 2’, film producer, actor, director, Prakash Jha is now busy shooting for the next season ‘Ashram 3’. The series is being shot in Bhopal. As per the news reports, a few Bajrang Dal activists came to the venue and vandalised the sets.

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Prakash Jha was born on Feb 27, 1952, in Bettiah, Bihar. His solar chart shows a lot of imbalance. This is also a factor as to why he is frequently involved in controversies. At the same time, as Sun and Rahu are together in his solar chart, he always puts up offbeat concepts. The Sun is disturbed in his solar chart which often lands him into controversies.

On the financial front, he is always careful and balanced because Jupiter is in its own house and is with the Moon. If we talk about the coming time, then the phase from Nov 14, 2021, to Dec 13, 2021, may be very tough for him. After that, the situation may improve somewhat. But from May 31, 2022, again the time may be somewhat tough for him.

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