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Ganesha foresees a stable rise for Prachi in Bollywood and refutes all doubts of her fading away!

Ganesha foresees a stable rise for Prachi in Bollywood and refutes all doubts of her fading away!

Prachi Desai – the pretty and charming actress, who began her career with Television has had a great transition and has made great progress as an actress in Bollywood, where many starlets have found it to be very difficult to make significant inroads. First appearing in the Box-office blockbuster – Rock On!, Prachi has charmed the audiences well and has also acted in films like I, Me aur Main, Bol Bachchan and Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai. She is the brand ambassador of Goa tourism and also the face of Neutrogena products in India. In this article, Ganesha checks out her astrological picture and predicts how she may fare in the year ahead. Read on…

Prachi Desai
Date of birth:- 12th September, 1988
Time of birth:- Unknown
City of birth:- Surat, Gujarat, India

Surya Kundli

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Venus in the watery Cancer: A Catalyst for Arts and Creativity

  • Prachi is born with Venus in Cancer, which is a very favourable placement for Venus as regards arts and creativity. The Venusian energies get enhanced in the watery sign Cancer and the creative elements in a person with this placement get boosted.

Jupiter in a special exaltation position:

  • Jupiter becomes Anyo Anya Uchcha (it is a special phenomenon in astrology which confers upon a planet the powers of exaltation if the Sign dispositor occupies the sign of exaltion of the former planet. Here Jupiter becomes exalted due to exchange with Venus. Jupiter is in Venus’s sign and Venus is in Jupiter’s sign of exaltation). This is a very rare phenomenon in astrology, which can bless a native with extraordinary goodies!

Mercury Exalted!

  • Mercury is exalted in her chart, which will bless her with great powers of intelligence, wit, understanding and logic!

Afflicted Sun, but powerfully placed in Leo:

  • Sun is Swagrui in her chart but afflicted by Ketu – so it’s a Grahan Dosha (Sun is eclipsed).

Effects of the transiting Jupiter and Rahu:

  • Jupiter will be transiting over her natal Sun and Ketu till August 2016. Rahu will be transiting over her natal Sun and Ketu from 30th January 2016. Transiting Saturn will be maintaining it’s Square aspect with her natal Sun and Ketu during the year ahead. transiting Saturn will maintain it’s opposition with her natal Jupiter.
  • Ganesha feels that March to May 2016 will be tough for her as Rahu will be transiting over natal Sun.

Natal promise – the star speak:

  • She will be able to take right and wise decisions regarding her career, as she has some great planetary configurations in her Chart.
  • Prachi will be good at dialogue delivery and that will give her a special identity in the Film Industry.
  • She relies more on her instincts and emotions when she acts. Her approach towards acting may not be very methodical, but in her case, it will come from within. It’s a natural talent that she possesses. This emotional and instinctive approach will win many hearts, says Ganesha!

  • Based on Astrological aspects mentioned above, Ganesha feels that Prachi’s career during the year ahead will be moving at a slow pace. We may not get to see much of her in the immediate future; she will be doing a few films, but they shall be good ones.
  • The chances of her performances winning critical acclaim are high.
  • Due to ‘hard aspects’ (these aspects are considered unfavourable in the transitory planetary astrology) taking place in her horoscope, Ganesha feels that Prachi will be working very hard for the roles that she is going to get during the next year. Things may not be very smooth-sailing for her.
  • We can expect her to develop a more performance-oriented approach.
  • After August 2016 when Jupiter starts transiting over her Saturn, she will be in the limelight. Ganesha finds that period to be bright one!
  • On the downside, in the period between March to May 2016 she will remain highly concerned about her image in public and society. Chances of facing some issues with authority or government would also be very high.

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In a nutshell, slow but steady progress is indicated for the pretty and petite actress. She shall have her share of limelight soon, says Ganesha.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team