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How well will the Hollywood film Planes (Fire & Rescue) take off?

How well will the Hollywood film Planes (Fire & Rescue) take off?

The Hollywood film Planes: Fires & Rescue is a forthcoming American 3D computer-animated (comedy-adventure) film, which will be released in theatres on 18th July 2014 by Walt Disney Pictures. It’s a continuation to the film Planes (2013), a by product of the Pixar’s Cars franchise, and is produced by Disney Toon Studios. Plane Dusty Crophopper’s voice is done again by Dane Cook while Lil’ Dipper’s voice is done by Julie Bowen.

Ganesha, with the help of Vedic Astrology, analyses the film Planes: Fire & Rescue’s Release Time Chart to find out how well this film will do at the box office.

PLANES Fire and Rescue18th July 2014
Release Time Horoscope
For India’s major Territory – Mumbai


  • Ganesha notes that ‘Planes – Fire and Rescue’ will be releasing with Leo Ascendant. Lord of the Ascendant i.e. Sun will be in the 12th House with exalted Jupiter.
  • Lord of the 10th House of success Venus is placed in the 11th House in the constellation ruled by Mars. It is to be noted that Mars is in Libra which is it’s detrimental Sign.
  • Exalted Saturn is retrograde and placed with Mars in Libra.
  • Rahu is placed in the 2nd House of finances.
  • Mercury is Swagruhi in the 11th House.
  • Moon is afflicted by Ketu, in the 8th House.

  • Ganesha strongly feels that ‘Planes – Fire and Rescue’ is going to have an average start at Box Office, as planetary positions in the Release Time Chart are very weak.
  • Mercury the Yuvraaj amongst the planets is in the 11th House in its own Sign, so teenagers will be attracted and parents would take their children to watch the film, but it will fail to attract the audience of all the ages.
  • Rahu’s position in the 2nd House of the Release Time Chart isn’t very encouraging for this film’s business. It will reduce but will not increase during the first week.
  • Jupiter’s exaltation in the 12th House and it’s Trine with Moon indicates that ‘Planes’ may fly well in foreign countries but in India, business would remain pretty average.
  • Mercury is in Gemini with Venus so some of the dialogues would be very good.

As Ascendant Lord Sun is in the 12th House and considering all other planetary positions too, Ganesha feels that ‘Planes – Fire and Rescue’ will do average or better than average business.

Good luck and may Lord Ganesha bless the crew of ‘Planes’ with great success.

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Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team