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Paris Hilton is set to lose a huge slice of fortune

Paris Hilton is set to lose a huge slice of fortune

Paris Hilton, best known for her work in the Television Series The Simple Life, is an American actress who is enjoying multiple careers simultaneously. She has tried her hands at almost everything ranging from singing to modeling to acting to writing. She is a multi talented person. However, Ganesha foresees by studying her horoscope that she might loose all her fortune.

Yoga for show business

The Atmakaraka Venus is placed in the D-10 Ascendant. Hilton began modeling as a child, appearing first in charity events. She has appeared in numerous advertising campaigns and rocked the modeling world. Venus in the 3rd house of expression in opposition with 3rd house Lord Moon pushed her into modeling, starting a perfume business, and an ongoing career in TV and show business.


But Venus-Ketu conjunction never allowed her to settle down in a relationship. Hilton rose to fame when a homemade sex video of her was leaked onto the Internet in late 2003. She was then under the influence of Ketu-Rahu period. Rahu placed in the 9th house with Moon became instrumental in revealing the whole scam. The sex video, subsequently called 1 Night in Paris (2004), was later released on DVD and Hilton received directorial credit. She was then under the influence of Ketu-Jupiter period.

Recent events

Moon and Rahu in close conjunction in Cancer makes her mystic, visionary or poetic and she can see what only few people can see. Moon is debilitated in Navmansa chart and also afflicted severely making her a boundless woman, thirsty for infinity. She is inevitably likely to be more vulnerable and easily hurt because of her acute perception of events. Her billionaire grandfather is leaving almost all of his money to charity. Due to her extravagant nature which is signified by affliction of 12th house Lord glamorous Venus, Paris is set to lose fortune. Barron Hilton, the founder of Hilton Hotels was reportedly said to have grown very frustrated by Paris’ behavior, which included her spending 23 days in jail for driving offenses and the sex tape, “One Night In Paris,” featuring her having sex with her then boyfriend Rick Salomon, being leaked onto the internet.

Mercury the Lord of 8th house(house of inheritance) becomes strong by exchange with Saturn indicating huge money through inheritances but the placement of Sun-Mars in the 4th house suggesting disputes with elder members of family .

Currently, the transiting Rahu is moving closely over the natal Sun and Mercury clearly suggesting problems in relationship particularly with grandfather and loss of inheritance as well. She is also passing through the Venus-Venus-Rahu phase also playing a huge role in this event.

Future predictions

Despite losing her inheritance she recently boasted of making of $200 million a year as it was so easy for her to make money. The Lord of 2nd house(house of financial resources) Jupiter is placed with the 4th house Lord and in trine with significator of wealth Venus looks good for acquiring wealth through her own efforts and fame. Her career might get tremendous boost between April and September 2008. We can expect a huge success of her new releases and public shows in year 2008 that may compensate this huge loss of fortune to some extent.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Tanmay K.Thakar,