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Paris Hilton and Cristiano Ronaldo’s bedtime story!

Paris Hilton and Cristiano Ronaldo’s bedtime story!

The name Paris Hilton is synonymous with wild and promiscuous nights, an unending list of ex-lovers (belonging to both sexes) – which is just a little bit shorter than the list of controversies surrounding her life – and a ridiculously plump bank balance. According to latest reports, Paris, who is a favourite among gossip columnists and tabloids, was recently spotted ‘frolicking’ with football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese play-maker is well on his way out of Manchester United and is all set to join Spanish football giant Real Madrid at a record transfer fees of 80 million pounds.

Paris, 28, on the other hand, had dumped previous love Doug Reinhardt just 24 hours before she hitched up with Ronaldo and was seen making out with the 24-year-old winking winger.

Following is the list of people she has reportedly dated so far:

  1. Caroline D`Amore
  2. Randy Spelling
  3. Stavros Merjos
  4. Edward Furlong
  5. Oscar De La Hoya
  6. Leonardo DiCaprio
  7. Rick Salomon
  8. A. Jay Popoff
  9. Brandon Davis
  10. Elijah Blue
  11. Nick Lachey
  12. Tom Sizemore
  13. Jason Shaw
  14. Vincent Gallo
  15. Val Kilmer
  16. Mark McGrath
  17. Nicolas Cage
  18. Carlo Mondavi
  19. Ingrid Casares
  20. Deryck Whibley
  21. Brian Urlacher
  22. Jamie Kennedy
  23. Rob Mills
  24. Nicole Lenz
  25. Nick Carter
  26. Brian Quintana
  27. Joe Francis
  28. Lucas Bain
  29. Robert Evans
  30. Chad Muska
  31. Jake Sumner
  32. Chad Murray
  33. Simon Rex
  34. Fred Durst
  35. Mark Philippoussis
  36. Paris Latsis
  37. Colin Farrell
  38. Stavros Niarchos III
  39. Erik MacArthur
  40. Matt Leinart
  41. Lindsay Lohan
  42. Kevin Pietersen
  43. Jack Osbourne
  44. Adam Levine
  45. Mario Lopez
  46. Jose Theodore
  47. Travis Barker
  48. Criss Angel
  49. Andy Roddick
  50. Britney Spears
  51. Joel Moore
  52. Josh Henderson
  53. James Blunt
  54. Hunter Cross
  55. Tyler Atkins
  56. Alex Vaggo
  57. Adrian Grenier
  58. Julian Feitsma
  59. Chris Dewolfe
  60. Jared Leto
  61. Brittany Flickinger
  62. Brody Jenner
  63. Elisha Cuthbert
  64. Benji Madden
  65. Doug Reinhardt
  66. Cristiano Ronaldo

With Ronaldo as the final addition to Paris’s illustrious list of lovers, Ganesha analyses the strength and longevity of this relationship with the help of Vedic Astrology System.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Date of birth: 5th February, 1985
Time of birth: Unknown
Place of birth: Funchal, Madeira, Portugal
Cristiano Ronaldo’s Surya Kundli


Paris Hilton
Date of birth: 17th February, 1981
Time of birth: 3 a.m.
Place of birth: New York, NY, USA
Paris Hilton’s Birth Chart


Sign Paris Hilton Cristiano Ronaldo
Aries Rahu
Cancer Moon, Rahu Moon
Virgo Saturn, Jupiter (Both Retrograde)
Libra Pluto Pluto, Ketu
Scorpio Uranus Uranus, Saturn
Sagittarius Neptune Neptune
Capricorn Venus, Ketu Jupiter, Mercury, Sun
Aquarius Sun, Mars, Retrograde Mercury
Pisces Mars, Venus

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In the table above, Ganesha notes that Paris and Cristiano both have Moon in Cancer, which indicates emotional compatibility and immediate attraction. Moon being the fastest moving planet in the entire Zodiac gives quick attraction when it’s in its own sign.

On the other hand, Rahu in Paris’s chart falls on Cristiano’s Moon, which indicates that he may remain quite upset with lots of things in this relationship and establishing harmony may not be possible because Rahu in Cancer means trouble in personal matters. In other words, this relationship is not going anywhere beyond a fling.

Pluto-Ketu contact point is also negative because the sign in which Ketu and Pluto are placed in Cristiano’s chart is Libra, the sign of partnership and personal unions. Paris has got Pluto in Libra, which makes a sudden impulsive relationship highly probable, but a permanent and stable union may not be possible at all. Neptune to Neptune connection in both the horoscopes show similar emotional urges and fantasies.

Cristiano’s Jupiter, Mercury and Sun falls on Venus and Ketu in Paris’s chart. This indicates that his attraction towards her is honest. Exalted Venus conjunct Mars in Cristiano’s chart indicates that he may have more than one intense relationship and this could be just the beginning!

Considering the points explained above, Ganesha doesn’t find Paris Hilton’s relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo to be stable at all. However, as a couple, they may remain in the limelight till October 2009. By the said month, the relationship is likely to see many ups and downs.

Good luck and may Lord Ganesha bless Paris Hilton and Cristiano Ronaldo’s union.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni