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Parineeti Birthday Forecast: Will She Leave a Lasting Impression Ahead?

Parineeti Birthday Forecast: Will She Leave a Lasting Impression Ahead?

Parineeti Chopra is a glamorous and a leading lady of Bollywood, known for her much appreciated performance in the movie Ladies vs Ricky Bhal which bagged multiple Filmfare awards in her name. But before entering into the realm of glamour, Parineeti wanted to make her career as an investor, but there is a saying if there is fate in the midst then all your plans are just a waste, and the same happened with Paraneeti Chopra. After obtaining her degree from Business academy of U.K, she went to London to perceive her dream of becoming an investor. But a temporary slowdown in the economy squashed all her dreams, and she had to come back to Mumbai where she joined the YRF as a public relation consultant.

Once while working as a PR she unknowingly developed a craze of working in a film as a full-time passion, and thereafter she signed three movies in line with Aditya Chopra for which she was bestowed with several accolades. And in just one swing, her fate changed from being an investor to become a professional actress. Since then, with her spirit and spontaneity, she sustained throughout her career and also promised a glimmering future ahead.

Though it is a known fact that multi-talented stars Priyanka Chopra and Parineeti Chopra are related, they are poles apart. Pari is a woman who came into this glamorous industry just by backing luck. But her persistent hard work and versatility in her acting sphere kept her in the list of acclaimed performers and never gave anyone a chance to say that she got her fame on the platter. Apart from acting, Parineeti Chopra is also a very health-conscious person and promotes a health-conscious diet for better living, and her humanitarian nature puts a seal on this.

Currently, Parineeti Chopra is busy in her upcoming physiological thriller film, The Girl on the Train which was set to release on 8th May. But due to the pandemic situation across the country, the movie was kept on hold. This left her fan in an unendurable low-spirited moment. But now everything is returning back to a new normal position, thus, soon we will see her in a completely new vogue. Now the question is,

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Would she leave a lasting impression on fans with this upcoming venture? Or her streak of contributing endless unsuccessful films would continue? Let’s find out with the help of her astrological prediction based on her Surya Kundali.

Date of Birth: 20th October 1988
Time: Unknown.
Place: Ambala.


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As born with the zodiac sign Libra she is born with a very broad-minded and humanitarian nature. She is extremely talented and even designated her voice to some of her movies. She enjoys experimenting, and that’s one of her reasons to come so far in the journey of Bollywood from the realm of becoming an investor. She loves being social, and travelling is just like a second business for her.

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Parineeti Chopra is a lady of unshakable passion and the above description marks these words. She is a being of both agile as well as inspired nature. And the retrograde aspect of Mars over Venus in her birth chart is a testimony to it. The placement of Venus, which is related to the entertainment realm and Mars, which drives the desire, has always helped her to run for more betterment in her artistic career. Along with that, the retrograde aspect of Jupiter upon her 4th house, the house of domestic affairs and homely matters, makes her the most good-natured and the homey person. She relishes her work with utmost dedication, but at the same time, she adores spending time with her family and friends, and this attribute makes her the most preferable person in the film Industry.

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The mutual aspecting of both Moon and Venus in her birth chart demonstrates that she will prefer a better taste in her career, and in other facets of her life also. Be it films, music, and more. Also, due to this favorable aspect, she may rarely carry the baggage of attitude that can make others feel complex. And this is a sign of a down-to-earth personality.

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The team of Ganesha wishes this Kesari Girl a beautiful life ahead, and may God bestow success in all her endeavors!

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With Ganesha’s Grace,