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Pamela Anderson: Life after marriage to Rick Solomon

Pamela Anderson: Life after marriage to Rick Solomon

Pamela Anderson the well-known Playboy model, a Bay watch fame actress, and a vegetarian married Rick Salomon on Saturday Rick is best known for his six minute marriage with Shannon Doherty and for making the Paris Hilton sex tape that has received worldwide acclaim.

Pam’s Sun is in Cancer and for Cancer, family is of the utmost importance and she thrives on having a family to nurture. This sensitive and emotional Cancer Sun is in square with Saturn, the planet that brings tests and disappointments in order to build strength of character This is a difficult placement and gives a deep sense of isolation and loneliness in early life.

Gemini is rising in Pam’s chart, giving her a personality that is bubbly and appears to lack depth Her Venus falls in Leo, showing a generous heart and a tendency to over dramatise her relationships Venus is in challenging aspect to the planet of dreams and illusion- Neptune that makes her dreamy at times. Although Venus and Neptune are very romantic and creative, it also has a tendency to get lost in fantasies particularly in relationships.

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Her Moon falls in the combative sign of Aries, which gives her the assertive qualities. Because Mars in her chart is in Libra, it can be difficult for decision-making Libra is all about relationships and the placement of Mars giving her a relentless drive to be in partnership.

Rick Salomon is an entirely different individual with Sun and Mercury placed in rational and idealistic sign Aquarius and so he has a tendency to be detached and independent His Mercury is in square with Neptune, which can make communication and processing information more difficult and confusing He is also prone to deception Mars is placed in Pisces, which makes a difficult aspect with Jupiter and shows his tendency of anger and violence. Jupiter- the significator of fortune and prestige is placed with Uranus and Pluto. Therefore, he received worldwide fame through issues like Paris Hilton Sex Tape.

Venus in his chart is in Sagittarius, reveals his deep need for freedom and adventure in his relationships. Venus in his chart is in square with Uranus, Pluto and Mars, indicating a great deal of painful issues signified by Venus. He has a tendency to escape when the going gets tough.

Cancer and Aquarian are not so compatible with each other Both have Moon placed in Mars’s sign but Aires and Scorpio has very different qualities altogether. Thus, they might require more time and patience to settle down. It won’t be easy in any way though Mars is transiting over the natal Sun in Pamela’s chart which is also in square to her natal Saturn. So, the coming time will be challenging for her.

We hope that she is able to find the love and warmth with Rick, but the planets do not point to much rosy picture.

We wish all the luck to this distinguished couple!

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