Planets may keep Ness Wadia on his toes during IPL 6, says Ganesha.

Ness Wadia, an Indian businessman and heir of the famous Wadia family, is a co-owner of the Mohali-based Twenty20 cricket team Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Ness’s team has been under pressure to perform ever since the first edition of IPL in 2008. Besides, the financial matters surrounding this franchise have also been a matter of concern. Plus, Ness’ affair with the fellow team owner and actress Preity Zinta and the subsequent break-up has kept him in news. The owners of the team KXIP have been questioned by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) for their ongoing investigations in order to ascertain the source of money for the team.

Planetary forces and their probable effects on Nesss Wadia during IPL6
In Ness Wadia’s chart, Saturn and Mercury are in Aries, and Ketu will be transiting over them during IPL 6. Also, his Natal Mars is in Gemini and the transiting Mars will be in Pisces, and later in Aries, during the sixth edition of the cricket extravaganza called IPL. Both these factors are going to create tremendous stress on Ness Wadia’s mind. Especially, Mars to Mars Square may cause much disturbances while IPL6 is on. Whether he will express his irritation in public or not is different issue, points Ganesha. But, it is going to be a challenging period for Ness. From mid-May to the end of IPL 6, he is also going to remain a bit nervous and tense. In his chart, Jupiter, over which Saturn and Rahu are transiting, is retrograde in Libra, and Mars will be aspecting this combination as soon as it enters Aries. This means that Ness is going to face some problems with the professional partnerships that he may have for IPL6.

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