Much-awaited Kahaani to open to full-houses, foresees Ganesha.

the numero uno Bollywood actress of the year 2011 features in what's
being touted as the role of a lifetime, the anticipative wait by
innumerable fans for the movie is more than justified. Kahaani,
intense thriller, set in Kolkata, produced and directed by Sujoy
Ghosh, stars the hugely talented Vidya Balan in yet another
woman-centric role. The movie revolves around the lead character
Vidya Bagchi who is alone and seven months pregnant. Straight from
London, Ms. Bagchi, in the film Kahaani,
frantically scours the by-lanes of the 'City of Joy' looking for her
lost husband Arnab Bagchi. With
nothing to rely on except fragments from her memories about her
husband, Vidya soon sees all possible ways reaching a dead end,
especially when everyone tries to convince her that her husband does
not even exist!

the father of Vidya's child exist only in her mind? Or, is there much
more to the story than what meets the eye? The answer lies in
to watch it you will need to wait till 9th
March 2012, when its slated to release nationwide. Here, Ganesha
looks at the release time chart of the film with the help of Vedic

March 2012

release time chart
India's major territory


  • Mars
    the Lord of the Ascendant is retrograde in the 5th
    House of performance.

  • Film will be releasing with
    Venus and Jupiter in the Ascendant.

  • Lord
    of the 7th
    House of public image is placed in the Ascendant

  • Lord
    of the 10th
    House of success is exalted but retrograde

  • Ketu
    is placed in the 2nd
    House of finances. Venus, the Lord of the 2nd
    House of finances, is placed in the Ascendant.


  • As Venus and Jupiter both are
    placed closer to the degree of the Ascendant in Kahaani's release
    time chart, Ganesha feels that it should receive a warm welcome at
    the box office.

  • Sun,
    the Lord of the 5th
    House of performance, aspects the 5th
    House by 7th
    aspect, while Mars is retrograde in the 5th
    House. Ganesha feels that the film may be good from the performance
    point of view. However, all the artists/actors may not be able to
    meet the audience?s expectations.

  • Some of the dialogues in the
    movie may be shocking for the Indian audiences, as Mercury, the
    significator of communication, is debilitated, and thus weak.

  • Ganesha
    feels that during the week of its release, Kahaani
    might top the box office. Yet, at the same time, Ganesha also feels
    that from the second week onwards, the film may not be able to
    sustain itself at the box office, in the regular shows.

  • The movie can be expected to do
    excellent off-shore business, though. On the foreign shores, the
    movie may be accepted more.

  • As per Pythagorean Numerology,
    the film's title totals to the number 9. Even by the way of
    numerology, thence, the movie does have luck in its favour.

  • With
    Bhagya Bhuvan Lord Jupiter conjunct 2nd
    and 7th
    House Lord Venus in the Ascendant, this film also has a scope of
    winning an award, (Though, not necessarily the best film award.
    Anyone associated with the film may win an award, says Ganesha.)

wishes good luck to the cast and crew of Kahaani.

N. Pattni
GaneshaSpeaks Team