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Metrosexual icon Arjun Rampal celebrates his birthday

Metrosexual icon Arjun Rampal celebrates his birthday

With Arjun Rampal comes the concept of metrosexual male in India and Bollywood as well. The 35-year old Bollywood macho has struggled a lot to cross the threshold of the Indian film industry. After his show stopping performance in Don and Om Shanti Om, the model-turned-actor has gained tremendous self-confidence and has successfully created a huge fan following in India.

Ganesha celebrates his birthday by giving astrological analysis.

Arjun is having Scorpio Ascendant with conjunction of Sun and Mercury. Mars and Venus are in twelfth house. Jupiter is in conjunction with Rahu in Sagittarius. Saturn is in Taurus. Position of Jupiter and Venus has led him towards India’s most sought after male supermodels.

Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter makes Arjun very kind-hearted human being and he has donated a lot to charitable institutes including an orphanage. During the year 2002, Jupiter was transiting over Natal Moon in Cancer.

Rampal has also produced a movie I See You. He released it with his own production company Chasing Ganesha Films. His wife, Mehra Jesia, was the co-producer. The film received poor reviews and was a failure at the box office due to the malefic effects of Saturn and Ketu in tenth house.

Currently Jupiter is transiting over Natal Jupiter and Rahu. With Jupiter in the Sixth House from Natal Moon, he will have good fortune coming through robust health and lucrative, enjoyable, constructive work. Ganesha sees that he will develop scientific ability and technical expertise in this new Solar Return. He will work with his co-workers and subordinates who are jovial by nature or they might be from foreign lands and completely from different backgrounds. After April 2007, Rahu will be transiting from his third house. Depositing of Rahu in third house suggests that his career or area of responsibility in the world relates to ability for mental discipline, concentration, mental control, orderly reasoning and logical thinking. Much hard work is required in communications, writing and obtaining relevant educational qualifications.

May Lord Ganesha bless him with health, wealth and fame!

Ganesha’s Grace,
Malav Bhatt,