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Mars will attack King Khan early next year, says Ganesha

The tag of Badshah of Bollywood doesn’t come easy and it definitely doesn’t come alone. Today, besides being an overworked actor, King Khan is the proverbial Golden Goose for film production houses, and a host of corporate and media companies; not to mention his responsibility as a family man and his troublesome role as the owner of Kolkata Knight Riders. There is a lot riding on the 44-year-old shoulders of this Baazigar!

So when Shah Rukh Khan got his left shoulder injured on the sets of film Dulha Mil Gaya, many a hearts skipped a beat. After all, the shoulders are worth a lot of money. In February 2009, he went through an arthroscopic surgery on his left shoulder at Breach Candy Hospital, Mumbai. Despite being unfit to return to the grind, SRK has continued to work like Kal Ho Na Ho. But according to his physiotherapist, it will take him at least another month to become fighting fit. Ganesha uses Vedic Astrology System to predict when will Shah Rukh Khan start doing fight scenes again?

Shah Rukh Khan
2nd November, 1965
02 hours 30 mins
Delhi, India


  • Saturn is transiting over the Ascendant and to change sign on 9th September, 2009.
  • Transiting Jupiter is retrograde in the 6th House over Natal Moon and Natal Jupiter is retrograde in Gemini
  • Lord of 8th House, Jupiter is in the 11th House, and Mars, which is the signification of surgery, is currently transiting through Gemini.

  • Gemini signifies shoulders and it also rules hands. Transit of Mars over the 11th House indicates surgery King Khan has undergone
  • Saturn’s transit over the Ascendant, Uranus and Pluto are indicating the accident (something unexpected and negative in regard to body, as Ascendant rules the entire body)
  • From 9th September, 2009 onwards, Saturn will be in Virgo. Here on, SRK can expect speedy recovery and he may be completely fit by 19th December, 2009 because Jupiter will be aspecting the Ascendant. Then on, he will be fully fit to do fight scenes, though he may be allowed, medically, to do so as early as 9th September, 2009.

Shah Rukh Khan will have to be extra careful from 6th October, 2009 to 26th May, 2010 as transit of Mars through the 12th House makes him prone to injury.

Good luck to King Khan and Ganesha wishes him a speedy recovery.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team