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Manoj may get nominated for some awards for ‘Aligarh’; May bag great offers post August ’16…

Manoj may get nominated for some awards for ‘Aligarh’; May bag great offers post August ’16…

Known for his acting talents and memorable performances in films like Satya, Zubeida, Pinjar, Raajneeti and Gangs of Wasseypur, Manoj Bajpai is not a typical Bollywood hero who would never leave a chance to flex his muscles. Born in a small town in Bihar, India, Manoj had big dreams and wanted to make it in the entertainment industry as an actor. After his fare share of struggle and disappointments, Manoj did earn a name for himself by doing theatre and television, and then Bollywood happened. An unconventional actor that he is, Manoj has successfully managed to play a wide range of roles in his career spanning over a decade, showcased myriad emotions and thus avoided getting typecast. Currently, the actor is again back in the limelight for his film – Aligarh, which is directed by Hansal Mehta. This movie is reportedly based on the real life story of Dr. Shrinivas Ramchandra Siras – an Aligarh Muslim University Professor who used to teach Marathi. In this article, Ganesha goes through Manoj’s Surya Kundali and finds out what the future holds for him. Read on to find out Ganesha’s observations.

Manoj Bajpayee
Date of Birth: 23rd April, 1969
Time of birth: Not Available
City of birth: Narkatiaganj, Bihar, India


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  • Ganesha notes that from July 2014 till January 2016, the transiting Rahu – Ketu were moving over his Natal Jupiter-Ketu and Venus-Rahu respectively. Thus, due to this adverse transit, important planets in his Chart were under the dark clouds, and resultantly there was a considerable gap. Moreover, Saturn has been transiting over his Natal Mars, which happens to be placed in the Swakshetra in the Sign of Scorpio and also from the 8th House from his Natal Sun. So, collectively, these adverse transits have had been slowing things down for him.

2) He is now back after a long time with the much-talked about Hansal Mehta directed Aligarh. Will he be able to attract the right offers in the year ahead?(As per Wikipedia Aligarh has been released on 26 February, 2016 in India.)

  • Manoj is going to receive a lot of applause for this movie, there is no doubt about it! However, Ganesha feels that this film is not going to do so well at the box office, especially from the commercial perspective. This film may receive some awards or even Manoj may receive an award due to the transiting Jupiter’s favourable aspect on the Natal Sun.
  • This film may not necessarily be the reason to receive more offers. There are very bright chances of bright and wonderful offers coming his way post August 2016, when the Jupiter return phase begins for him. He is sure to regain his sheen and will surely enthral the audiences.

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3) How will the path ahead be for him in the times to come? Will he be able to grow more in stature as an actor?

  • Ganesha observes that Manoj is born with the combination of an exalted Sun and debilitated Saturn. This indicates that he will achieve great success and recognition, but only after facing delays and difficulties. The challenges and blocks in his career will reduce drastically after January 2017. Post that we may find him being more busy as an actor.

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