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Manoj Bajpai’s success streak will continue in the coming year as well, predicts Ganesha

Known for his acting talents and memorable performances in films like Satya, Zubeida, Pinjar, Raajneeti and Gangs of Wasseypur, Manoj Bajpai is not a typical Bollywood hero who would never leave a chance to flex his muscles. Born in a small town in Bihar, India, Manoj had big dreams and wanted to make it in the entertainment industry as an actor. After his fare share of struggle and disappointments, Manoj did earn a name for himself by doing theatre and television, and then Bollywood happened. An unconventional actor that he is, Manoj has successfully managed to play a wide range of roles in his career spanning over a decade, showcased myriad emotions and thus avoided getting typecast.

This amazingly talented actor will celebrate his 44th birthday on 23rd April, 2013. On the occasion of Manoj’s birthday, Ganesha goes through his Surya Kundali and finds out what the future holds for him. Read on to find out Ganesha’s observations.

Date of Birth : Wednesday, April 23, 1969
Place of Birth : Place of Birth: Narkatiaganj
Coordinates 27.1079° N, 84.4771° E


Ganesha observes Manoj Bajpai’s Surya Kundali and notes that the natal Sun is in conjunction with debilitated Saturn and Mercury. Jupiter and Ketu are in conjunction in Virgo, while Mars is posited in Scorpio.

In his Surya Kundali, Jupiter is the Lord of the 9th House, the House of Fortune, and the 12th House, the House of Abroad Connections. From June 2013 onwards, the transiting Jupiter will be passing over the natal Moon and through Gemini. This specific planetary force will definitely give him some advantage to showcase his abilities and talents. This can also be termed as a time of high optimism. Overall, the second half (July to December) of 2013 looks brighter for Manoj, as he is likely to be in the limelight.

Natal Sun, the Lord of the 5th House of Performance, is exalted in Ascendant. Ketu, the signifier of the 6th House, is transiting over natal Sun, Mercury and Saturn. Hence, he may give better or more redefined performance/s during this Solar Return period. His public life will get better exposure during the later half of this year. His financial front is also likely to get a boost, foretells Ganesha.

Saturn and Rahu are transiting through Libra, in the 7th House of his Surya Kundali. Perhaps, his energies will be applied in maintaining balance between his personal and professional life. Ganesha opines that his health would require special care and attention, as he is more susceptible to health problems, feels Ganesha.

Overall, this Solar Return will produce auspicious forces for his professional and financial front. His success story will continue in this year, also. However, his personal life may become more demanding.

Ganesha wishes him many happy returns of the day.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Malav Bhatt,