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Manike Mage Hithe: How Planets Helped The Song Go Viral

Manike Mage Hithe


Why this kolaveri di?

Gangnam Style.

Definitely, they are all songs that have gone on to become massive viral hits in their times. But guess what? This is not it. There is one more HUGE factor that binds them all. Astrology has the ultimate answer! Dive deeper as we unravel the mystery of these viral tracks!

Sri Lankan artist Yohani Di Silva’s Manike Mage Hithe, with 130+ million views on YouTube as of the beginning of October 2021, is one such song. The song was released on May 22, 2021. In such a short time, this song in the Sinhala language has ripped through the internet. Once more, you do not need to understand Manike Mage Hithe’s lyrics to hop on the viral train! (by the way, it means ‘baby, in my heart, each energetic idea is about you’) Listen to it once, and *bam* you’re officially a part of a giant musical Mexican wave! (Sri Lankan in this case)

But what makes this song go viral? Apart from the foot-tapping, soul-stirring music, what makes a song click with the masses when thousands of them go live every day? Is there an astrological aspect to all of it? On the success of Manike Mage Hithe, we analyse such blink-and-billion-more-views songs that got viral and see what keeps the groove up!

A banger is a banger, no doubt. Yohani-the artist’s voice, the sick beats, and the whole production is the recipe for a great song. Every now and then, we get to see such songs that break the language barriers to become widely known worldwide.

Going back a little in time, we are hit with a nostalgic wave of ‘Despacito’, the Spanish song that was everywhere in 2017. Coming to the east, the OG K-Pop artist, PSY, introduced the world to a peppy number ‘Gangnam Style’, with even peppier dance moves in 2012. In India, ‘Kolaveri Di’ made all the sense in all the languages when it shouldn’t have! So, is there a secret ingredient to go viral?

The answer lies in *drumroll* Venus. Making an event chart of all these songs mentioned above, all four have their Venus placed with either of the shadow planets Rahu and Ketu. Now, once is a coincidence; twice may be a fluke, but all four having a pair of Venus and shadow planets is a pattern one cannot overlook!

Moreover, the Sinhala song Manike Mage Hithe and Tamil song Kolaveri Di, the neighbours, have the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Rahu in a single house. The similarities between all four songs are striking, and if you want to go viral with your next dhinchak song, we have cracked the code!

Super maama ready? Go grab a pen, or an apple, or a pineapple, and start singing!

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With Ganesha’s Grace,