Not too many people will go to “Madras Cafe”

After a box-office super-duper hit Chennai Express, the audiences are presented with a film that has a strong reference of the same city – Madras, the old name for Chennai. But except for the name there may not be many similarities between Chennai Express and Madras Cafe, which is a political action thriller starring John Abraham and Rockstar-famed pretty Nargis Fakhri in the lead roles. It is a semi-fictional film inspired by the brutal and much-publicised Sri Lankan civil war of 1980s and real life events that happened before the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi in the early 90s. With a sensitive subject matter like this, it does not quite come as a surprise that Madras Cafe is surrounded by some serious controversies. In fact, some certain groups have registered strong protest against the film demanding a ban over the release of the film.

But as they say, any publicity is good publicity. Will the controversies help John Abraham, a second time producer, get enough revenues? Shoojit Sircar, who directed Yahaan and Vicky Donor and handled sensitive subjects extremely well, has donned the director’s hat once again. Will he once again receive a pat on the back from audiences and critics alike? Astrological reading of the Madras Cafe’s Release Time Chart may help find the answers. Read on to know Ganesha’s predictions.

Madras Cafe’s Release Time Chart for Bollywood’s major Territory


Astrological observations

  • Madras Cafe is releasing with a Virgo Ascendant. Venus is debilitated in the Ascendant.
  • Mars is debilitated in the 11th House of Gains.
  • Saturn is exalted in Libra, placed with Rahu in the House of Finances.
  • Lord of the 10th House, Mercury is in the 12th House.
  • Moon is in Uttarabhadrapada Constellation with Uranus.

Astrological predictions

  • Ganesha expects a good opening for Madras Cafe.
  • Business in India and overseas is likely to be good.
  • However, this movie will not become a blockbuster, despite a good star-cast.
  • The Lord of the 10th House is weakly placed in the 12th House and the 10th House is occupied by Jupiter, which is a natural benefic. This indicates that despite good direction, Madras Cafe may only do average business at the box-office.
  • In Sarvashtakvarga chart, the 11th House, the House of Gains, has lesser number of auspicious Bindus as compared to Bindus in the 10th House. This particular astrological aspect also indicates that this film may not mint money at the box-office.
  • Moon is in Saturn’s constellation, whereas Saturn and Rahu are in Swati constellation. This factor indicates that the film will be surrounded by controversies before and after its release.

Ganesha wishes good luck to the cast and crew of Madras Cafe.

Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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