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‘Lamhaa’ may not create desired impact on the audience, feels Ganesha

‘Lamhaa’ may not create desired impact on the audience, feels Ganesha

Once known as the paradise of India, Kashmir has now become a sensitive subject, not only for the nation, but also for filmmakers, who have highlighted innumerable issues faced by the valley’s people, at different times, in different ways. And this time it’s director Rahul Dholakia’s ‘Lamhaa’. Rahul seems to have taken up the task of highlighting true stories with human interest as their prime focus. His earlier film Parzania, which won a National Film Award was based on a true story of a boy who went missing during Gujarat’s communal riots in 2002. Similarly, ‘Lamhaa’ too throws light on various issues Kashmir has faced over the years. The idea of the film struck the director when a student described Kashmir as a ‘beautiful prison’. Shot in the troubled valley of Kashmir, the film is all set to release on 16th July, 2010. It stars Sanjay Dutt, Bipasha Basu, Kunal Kapoor and Anupam Kher. Besides scenic locales, the audience should check out Bipasha’s deglam, burqa-clad avatar. Will ‘Lamhaa’ be able to create a long-lasting impact on the mind of the audience? Ganesha foretells the future of this film based on Vedic Astrology.



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  • Ganesha observes that Moon is at zero degree of Virgo and approaching Saturn.
  • Venus and Mars are in the Ascendant.
  • 11th House of gains is afflicted plus Sun, the Ascendant Lord is also afflicted.
  • The Lord of the 10th House, Venus is well placed in the Ascendant.

  • At first glance, the release time chart looks very encouraging, but after studying all the details, Ganesha feels that the film may have average start at the box office. Though the film’s script and direction may be good, along with the actors’ performances, ‘Lamhaa’ may not run successfully. The main reason is, Moon has just entered new sign and in progressive motion. Moon will first meet Saturn, which is not so good for Leo Ascendant.
  • Affliction to the 11th House of gains and to the Ascendant Lord indicates that the film would be surrounded by controversies even post release, which can also affect the film’s business. There are times when people watch a movie just to beat the curiosity about what’s so controversial about a film, but this may not be the case with Lamhaa.
  • Ganesha feels that movie will be worth watching. However, due to heavy story plot and intense sequences, audience may avoid watching it.
  • The film is likely to do an average business overseas, feels Ganesha as again, 12th Lord Moon is in the 2nd House placed with Saturn.

Considering all the factors mentioned above, Ganesha feels that although ‘Lamhaa’ may be a well-made film, with a human interest story, it may not achieve great success at the box office.May Lord Ganesha grant many moments of happiness to the cast and crew of ‘Lamhaa’.Ganesha’s Grace,Bhavesh N. PattniThe GaneshaSpeaks Team

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