Keanu Reaves’s films in the forthcoming year will be appreciated by fans, feels Ganesha

Keanu Reaves's films in the forthcoming year will be appreciated by fans

Canadian actor, producer, director and musician, Keanu Reeves best known for his acting. Starting in 1985, his acting career has spanned nearly three decades, and include several blockbuster films such as comedies from the Bill and Ted franchise, action thrillers Point Break and Speed, and the science fiction-action trilogy The Matrix. His other hits include Dangerous Liaisons, My Own Private Idaho, and Little Buddha.
Keanu has won many awards including a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Reeves has revelled in several forms of artistic expression. Active as a musician for a decade, he played bass guitar for the bands Dogstar and Becky. Onstage, he performed as Prince Hamlet for the Manitoba Theatre Centre’s production of Hamlet. He wrote the text for a picture book, Ode to Happiness and has also produced documentary films.

Date of Birth: 02nd September, 1964
Time of Birth: 05.18 AM
Place of Birth: Beirut, Labanon

Natal Chart

Astrological Predictions:

  • As Keanu Reeves is born with Leo Ascendant, he would be very ambitious and generous, and kind-hearted during the upcoming year.
  • Jupiter’s current transit through his Ascendant is going to be highly favourable for him. However, due to Saturn’s transit through the 4th House of his Natal Chart, he will have to work very hard as an actor or director.
  • His performance in his forthcoming movies will be highly appreciated.
  • Rahu’s transit over Ascendant starting end of January, 2016, indicates that he will remain stressed/ worried about his personal life.
  • His public image may get stained due to Rahu’s transit over Natal Sun post January 2016.
  • Ketu’s major period and Rahu’s sub-period, ruling between 20th November, 2015, and 17th April, 2016, will be slightly tough for him during which his performance may not be very good. Plus, he may end up losing some close friends during that period. Financial gains are unlikely.
  • Again after 17th April, 2016, when Jupiter sub-period starts, he will start doing well in his career and may remain relatively tension-free about his personal life as Jupiter is placed in the 10th House of his Chart.

Ganesha wishes a great time ahead to Keanu Reeves.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Rantidev A. Upadhyay,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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