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Ganesha Feels That Katrina May Shine Brighter in 2017; Saturn May Be Causing Emotional Stress

Ganesha Feels That Katrina May Shine Brighter in 2017; Saturn May Be Causing Emotional Stress

Katrina Kaif – the goddess of beauty has been in the clouds from quite some time now, and it appeared as if, she was on a deliberate sabbatical to get over her the emotional stress following the unfortunate heartbreak from the charming Ranbir Kapoor. But, we are almost proved wrong, as Lady Kaif is back with a bang and how! Her upcoming venture – Baar Baar Dekho, in which she will be co-starring with the dashing Sidharth Malhotra has been generating a lot of interest and especially the song – Kaala Chashma from the film has been setting the social media platforms on fire. What picture do the planets present about the fortunes of the charismatic actresss in the times to come. Let’s find out!

Date of Birth: 16 July 1984
Time of Birth: Unknown
Place of Birth: London

Katrina Kaif’s Surya Kundli

  • Ganesha notes that Saturn’s transit over Natal Ketu through the 5th House from Natal Sun and Venus in her Chart has pulled her back to the background, and has subdued her splendour. This adverse transit of Saturn may have also reduced the flow of opportunities coming her way. Saturn’s transit through the 5th House, can be a very difficult one to deal with, as there may be creative blocks, emotional stress and problems in love life.
  • But, Ganesha seems confident that she will be able to bounce back with full force, once Saturn moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius on the 26th January, 2017.

  • Ganesha says that the year 2017 will be far better than 2016 for Katrina Kaif. She is most likely to come across magnificent opportunities and avenues in 2K17 and things will be working more strongly in her favour. However, a drastic jump is not expected. Career progress would happen at a comparatively slow but steady pace. She will have to put in hard efforts to maintain her position as one of the top actresses of Bollywood, feels Ganesha.

  • Katrina may not take major decisions about her relationship currently. However, there are chances that she may make some surprising revelations regarding her love life in the first half of 2017. Though she may put up a bold face on most occasions in general, the planets currently signify that she would like to play safe and the emotional wounds of the past may take some more time to heal completely. The transiting planets in 2017, will provide her the required boost, to take significant decisions regarding her personal life.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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