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Karishma is not the one to compromise and may not find marital happiness anytime soon!

Karishma is not the one to compromise and may not find marital happiness anytime soon!

The ill-effects of the transiting malefic planets may weigh heavily upon her and may not let romance blossom in her life…

Very few actresses dominated the film world and enjoyed such limelight as Karishma Kapoor in the era of the 90s. Very lovingly called Lolo, the elder daughter of Randhir Kapoor and Babita Kapoor, in spite of having inherited the creative caliber and acting potential from her illustrious lineage that many consider an achievement in itself to even be born in, didn’t have an easy path that would lead her to the ramparts of fame and success. She had to make the bold move of going against the tradition of her family, wherein it was a norm that no woman member of the family would join the entertainment industry or work as an actress!

Having achieved tremendous success and popularity with her classy performances in various blockbuster films, Karishma hasn’t been able to find much cheer and joy in her marital paradise. Since her marriage to businessman Sanjay Kapur in 2003, the relationship has been in the news for mostly the wrong reasons. The problems escalated to such a level that both filed for divorce in 2014 and got separated. But for some days, there has been some buzz that Karishma has retracted her divorce papers. Do the planets indicate a turning point in the love life of Karishma? Will things get better for her? Let’s get the answers with the help of astrology…

Karishma Kapoor – Bollywood Actress
Date of Birth: 25th June, 1974
Time of Birth: Unknown
City of Birth: Mumbai, India


Will the two give their marriage another shot? Or will the two part ways for good?

It is generally considered important that Venus – the planet which represents the pleasant and joyful areas of life like romance, love, marital bliss, attraction, charm, beauty, and relationships be free from any afflictions and negative influences. If otherwise, then there will be some or other problems and complications in the aforesaid areas. In the Solar Horoscope of Karishma, Venus, though strong enough due to its placement in its own Sign – Taurus is afflicted due to the presence of Ketu therein. This combination doesn’t augur well in the relationships and marital bliss circuit and the extremely powerful separative force that Ketu is, Karishma shall find reaching a point of equilibrium and stable happiness in relationships to be very difficult. This very same Venus – the significator of arts and entertainment, has on one hand blessed her with great success in the film industry, but on the other, due to the evil and destructive influence of Ketu, has snatched away from her the joy of marriage.

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  • Based on her planetary positions and combinations, Karishma doesn’t seem to be the one with a compromising attitude towards life. It is very unlikely that she may budge and give this relationship another try. Currently, Rahu and Ketu are transiting in a square position from her Natal Sun, Saturn and Retrograde Mercury. Even this element will not be working in her favour, as the negative influences of Rahu-Ketu will not let her take her the right decisions. Whatever she may decide in the upcoming year won’t be with a longterm view. Even post this period, there doesn’t seem to be much respite for her, as then Rahu-Ketu will be transiting over Natal Jupiter, who happens to be the significator of spouse in the case of women and also the planet who represents wisdom. This transit of the Nodes may not let normalcy prevail.
  • The current planetary disposition and the effects of the transiting planets indicate that the period uptil 30 January, 2016 can give rise to unexpected turn of events and Karishma may even spring surprises at us!
  • Though, the nodes may keep creating troubles for her being in the forefront, the slow-moving and obstacle-causing Saturn will, in the background not let romance blossom in her life currently as it will be aspecting Lolo’s Venus from Scorpio till January 2017.
  • In a nutshell, romance will take the backseat for Karishma and the year ahead doesn’t seem to be conducive for a patch up or a for a new relationship to blossom. Taking decisions based on wisdom and logic instead of getting carried away by impulse would help keep things under a control. The period post January 2017 may bring some cheer.

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