Kangna's career to fly high like a kite, says Ganesha

Three years in bollywood and she already boasts of a National Award for Best Supporting Actress in the film 'Fashion'. Kangna Ranaut has more than proved that she is an ambitious actress, has great potential, and is here to stay. Her performance as a troubled model in the film has not just gained her awards, but also a handsome amount of Rs. 5 crore for her next film. Apart from 'Fashion', she has won accolade from critics for her stupendous performance in films like Gangster, Woh Lamhe, Life in a Metro, and Raaz 2.

With the release of her film 'Kites' just around the corner, Ganesha, using Vedic astrology, predicts Kangna's 2010.

Astrological Analysis:

Ganesha observes her Surya kundli and notes that her natal Jupiter, Rahu and Sun are conjunct in the 1st House. Debilitated Moon is conjunct with Atmakaraka Saturn in the 9th House of fortune. Ketu is posited in Hastha Constellation.

Ganesha notes that transiting Jupiter will be approaching her natal Sun between 05th May to 25th July 2010. She will become more optimistic, cheerful and confident during this period. She will also come across new career opportunities. She is likely to see remarkable growth in her career.

Transiting Mars will remain retrograde in the 5th House of love and relationship till 25th April 2010. This planetary position may give her new friends and relationships. She may get into a serious relationship during this period. An attraction towards the opposite sex is fairly certain. She will become more creative and will work hard to enhance her career, says Ganesha.

Ganesha observes that transiting Saturn will conjunct with her natal Ketu during the third quarter of 2010. Saturn here indicates that she needs to learn to cooperate with others and to develop an empathy for others. Public appearance and contribution to social relations may not remain gainful during this period. She should remain extra careful while taking any important decisions regarding career and finance.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Malav Bhatt,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team.