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The audiences’ may have to wait more to see more of the vivacious Kajol on-screen, says Ganesha

The audiences’ may have to wait more to see more of the vivacious Kajol on-screen, says Ganesha

The Indian penchant for the fair and white has always predominated the Indian glamour and film industry, and the dusky damsel has always borne the brunt of this unfair bias. But then, some are born to prove the dominants wrong and beat the oft-beaten path to show a new way. And, who else but Kajol, the super-successful, exuberant and vivacious Bong actress can be said to the torch-bearer to this trend in the contemporary Bollywood. Now the wife to the famous Hindi film actor Ajay Devgann and a mother to two, Kajol has been one of the very best, when it comes to acting, emoting and even sizzling – on screen. She had stepped into the glitz world at the tender age of 18, and in a few years had shown to the world what she is made of.We, however, do not see much of the busy mommy these days! She is seen in some of the television advertisements and some filmy functions – but then, that’s that! Will we see more of her in the coming times? Will the recently converted fitness diva Kajol take up films with full fervour in the next year? Well, Ganesha takes her approaching birthday as an opportunity to look at her Natal chart, and predict the way ahead. Read on!

Kajol 5th August 1974, Mumbai
Kajol’s Surya Kundli


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  • During the year ahead, Jupiter will be transiting over Kajol’s Natal Venus and Saturn.
  • Saturn and Rahu will be transiting over her Natal Uranus.
  • Transiting Rahu and Ketu will be in Square with her Natal Sun and Mercury.
  • Kajol is going to experience Venus return just two days before her birthday in 2014 and her 2013’s Venus return has already passed.

  • Ganesha feels that during the year ahead Kajol is not going to be very active in the film. However, between February and June 2014, one of her major films may realease, or she may remain in the limelight during that period, due to some reason.
  • During the year ahead, she may feel stressed, due to her domestic responsibilities, because of Saturn and Rahu’s transit through the 4th House from Sun. This also indicates that she would be a bit worried about seniors in the family.
  • Jupiter’s transit over Saturn and Venus are indicating that it’s about time for Kajol to kick-start a new project/venture that she would love to do. Though it may not be directly related to film production, it will surely help her channelise her creativity.
  • In the absence of Venus return, the year ahead looks average for Kajol’s film career.

Summarily, the year ahead looks average for Kajol’s career as an actress however, she will be shouldering more responsibilities at domestic front, feels Ganesha.

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