Kajol returns to silver screen in 2015...Ganesha predicts the way ahead on her birthday!  

The illustrious and hugely talented Bollywood actress Kajol is set to return to the silver screen, after a sabbatical of many years. The popular actress, who took a break from her active film career, post her marriage and kids shall return to being a film lead with December release Dilwale. She is paired opposite Shah Rukh Khan – in this much-awaited movie. Together they make one of the most successful Bollywood pairs. The first pictures of the film, splashed recently across the social media and popular magazines, showing a radiant Kajol with charming as ever King Khan, garnered a lot of interest and curiosity. The strong actress who also celebrates her birthday on 5th August – just like a true blue Leo - has never shied away from calling a spade a spade. She is also one of the first and few contemporary actresses who popularised the de-glam, natural look, and is thus, much admired. And, with age, she has only become more graceful, and is often considered an icon. But, then it's always unpredictable with Bollywood? Will Kajol manage to impress the audiences in her second innings as well? Ganesha looks at her Solar Chart to predict the way ahead.

Date of Birth :-  05th August, 1974
Time of Birth :-  Not Known
Place of Birth :- Bombay, Maharashtra, India

         SOLAR CHART

[Owing to the absence of the Birth Time details of the celebrity, the following predictions have been done using the Solar Horoscope/ Surya Kundli, created using only the Birth Date and Birth Place of the subject.]

Astrological Predictions -

  • Ganesha observes that on Kajol's upcoming film Dilwale's release date i.e. 18th December 2015, the Moon will be transiting over her Natal Jupiter, forming a Trine with her Natal Venus. Also, the transiting Jupiter shall be passing over Mars, while creating a Sextile aspect with Venus in Kajol's Solar Chart, when the movie's releases. These are positive factors, indicating Kajol's appearance in this movie shall be welcomed. Her performance too shall be good, overall.
  • However, at this time, Saturn will be transiting over Kajol's Natal Rahu. Considering this, Ganesha feels that Kajol's performance in Dilwale will invariably be compared to her older films. There may be a mountain of expectations, which may not either be met, or the critics may find Dilwale only about average to her earlier movies.
  • Overall, Kajol's career is not likely to remain very active at least till January 2017, as Saturn will be transiting over her Natal Rahu till then.
  • Further, considering the planetary transits, Ganesha feels that the time post January 2016 too may not be very favourable for her, as Rahu will be transiting over Mars, while Ketu will be transiting over Jupiter through the 8th House in Kajol's Chart. Plus, Saturn's ongoing transit through Scorpio too may not help her perform as per her caliber in her new assignments.
  • Overall, Kajol will need to work pretty hard to attain her earlier status, in her second innings as an actress. And, her road may become a tad tougher after January 2016.
Ganesha wishes a very happy birthday to Kajol.

With Ganesha's Grace
Rantidev A. Upadhyay
The GaneshaSpeaks.com Team