Jupiter's transit in May 2012 may bring in better times for Jugal Hansraj, says Ganesha

Hansraj? You may have to strain your brain a little and make some
effort to recall who he is. You may recall him as a hazel
eyed child artist with an innocent smile. Eleven-year-old Jugal made
his debut with Masoom
in 1983. It was during his childhood days that he enjoyed his share
of fame and films the most. He debuted as a hero in the mainstream
cinemas in 1994 with Aa
Gale Lag Jaa
With the chocolaty looks, he was surely among one of the cutest faces
in the industry. The song 'Ghar
se nikalte hi
featuring Jugal became one of the most popular romantic numbers in
Bollywood. And then came Mohabbatein
wherein he worked with legends such as Amitabh Bachchan &
Shahrukh Khan. In the decade that went by, he was seen doing cameos
in Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham, Salaam Namaste and Aaja Nachle. He also
served as the writer & director of the animated film ?
'Roadside Romeo'.

both his directorial ventures 'Roadside Romeo' & 'Pyaar
Impossible' failed to get rave reviews at the box office. And thus
the actor director seems to have hung up his moccasins. As
the actor celebrates his birthday on 26th July, Ganesha finds out if
the starry alignment will bestow success upon him in the new year.



July, 1972

Hansraj Surya Kundli



  • Jugal's date of
    birth is ruled by Saturn, as 26 i.e. 2+6 = 8, number 8 is ruled by

  • His Moon is placed
    with Rahu.

  • Mars is deblitated.

  • Sun, Mars and
    retrograde Mercury are afflicted by Ketu.

  • Jupiter is
    Swagruhi, but retrograde.

  • Venus is Swagruhi
    and placed with Saturn.


  • Although Jugal was
    a well-known child artist, he has not been very successful as an
    actor, except for few films.

  • Ganesha notes that
    during his Jupiter return period in 2008, Jugal made directorial
    debut with 'Roadside Romeo'. Script of the film was also written by

  • However,
    when Jupiter was transiting through 2nd
    House from Natal Moon, another film directed by Jugal 'Pyaar
    Impossible' did slightly better as compared to the previous one.
    However, both failed to impress the audience.

  • During the year
    ahead, Jugal may not be seen doing many films, feels Ganesha. But,
    post May 2012, he is surely going to see good times at the career

  • Jupiter's transit
    over Natal Saturn and Venus post May 2012 will surely give him an
    opportunity, if not as an actor, then surely as director.

In a nutshell,
Ganesha feels that the year end may bear some fruits, but till then
Jugal will have to keep looking for opportunities or do the
groundwork on the next project. According to Ganesha, the time
between May 2012 and May 2013 is likely to be good for his career.

Ganesha wishes Happy
Birthday to Jugal Hansraj well in advance and also wishes him good
luck for his career.


Ganesha's Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks