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John Lennon and Astrology : the starry melody!

Who doesn’t know John Lennon and the glorious legacy left behind by him? One of the most prominent faces of the super-famous music band – The Beatles, John happens to be one of the most successful and famous singers and songwriters of all-time. This iconic artist along with the legendary Paul McCartney formed the famous band – which is more of a cult or an idea than a band and have created some of the finest music ever! This exceptionally talented stalwart’s birthday falls on 9 October. Ganesha takes a look at his stars and explains what makes him so awe-inspiring!

John Lennon
Date of Birth :- 09 October 1940
Time of Birth :- 18.30
Place of Birth :- Liverpool, England





  • John Lennon was born in Pisces Ascendant. Lord of the Ascendant Jupiter being retrograde is placed in the 2nd House with a debilitated and retrograde Saturn in his Natal Chart.
  • Pisces Ascendant blessed him with creativity and great instinct.
  • The Piscean traits in the Chart are further highlighted by the presence of Ketu in the Ascendant itself and Ketu feels very comfortable in this sign!
  • Venus in the Sign of Leo in his chart made him a very good performer. Venus in Leo blesses a person with royal grace, great originality and creativity.
  • Venus further gets emboldened by the auspicious aspect of the mighty Jupiter!

  • Jupiter – a natural benefic (also the Ascendant Lord) placed with a debilitated but retrograde Saturn in the 2nd House of his chart, gave him a very different and good voice quality.
  • It is to be noted in this case that the 2nd House in Lennon’s Chart is highly activated, as there is the aspect of even Mercury on this House and Venus happens to be in a Trikona position from the House.
  • Mars, the Lord of the 2nd House, is aspecting its own House, being posited in the 7th House.
  • All these factors gave his voice a lot of depth, variation, a unique tone and the ability to modulate the voice with skill.
  • Jupiter in the 2nd House also proved to be very beneficial as it showered him with immense riches and wealth.

  • Sun conjunct Rahu in the 7th House made him a bright figure amongst the masses and also gave him extraordinary popularity. Rahu is the the planet which magnifies and amplifies the qualities of the planets that it is associated with. So,w
  • Moon – the Lord of the 5th House of performance, sitting in the 11th House, aspects its own sign in the 5th House, so it made him creative and artistic, with a good imaginative power.
  • Sun in Virgo made him impartial, objective and fair. It also gave him strong likes and dislikes.

  • Ketu in the Ascendant in his chart and that too in the sign of Pisces made him inclined towards spirituality. Who doesn’t know about Beatles’ visit to India (Rishikesh) and the TM training session under Maharshi Mahesh Yogi!

  • Sun and Rahu are strong separative planets. Rahu and Sun in the 7th House are pointing towards John’s separation with Cynthia Powell, after separating from whom he married Yoko Ono

  • On 08th December 1980, the Lord of the 8th House of mystery in John Lennon’s Horoscope – Venus – was transiting through the 8th House itself over his Natal Mercury. Mars was transiting in a degreecally square position to Natal Rahu, Sun and Mars. Transiting Moon was in square to the planetary Stellium in the 7th House of his chart. Factors are indicating the sudden and brutal way in which he died. The involvement of Mars in this picture explains his death due to shots fired from a gun. This was the day on which he was killed.

May John Lennon’s soul rest in peace and may his glory eternally enchant people.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
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