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With a Rocking Start, ‘Rocky Handsome’ will enjoy a splendid run in the first 2 weeks!

With a Rocking Start, ‘Rocky Handsome’ will enjoy a splendid run in the first 2 weeks!

Rocking Start

‘Rocky Handsome’ – the movie, whose trailer amazed us with the super-brawny John Abraham flexing some serious muscle and bashing up menacing baddies in high-octane action sequences, will be hitting the silver-screens on 25 March. Directed by Nishikant Kamat, this movie also stars the pretty Shruti Hassan, Nathalia Kaur and Sharad Kelkar. It will be interesting to note that the director, who has given us movies like Drishyam, will himself be playing the role of a villain in the film which is co-produced by John Abraham! How handsomely will the movie fare at the Box-Office? Let’s find out…

“Rocky Handsome”
Releasing on 25th March, 2016
Main Territory, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


Astrological Observations:

  • ‘Rocky Handsome’ will release with Taurus Ascendant. Lord of Ascendant – Venus will be in the 10th House with Ketu.
  • Moon will be in Virgo in the Chitra Constellation. Lord of Chitra Nakshatra i.e. Mars will be in its own Sign Scorpio.
  • Mercury – the Lord of the 2nd House of Finances, will be debilitated.

Astrological Predictions:A Rocking Opening!

  • The movie releasing in Taurus Ascendant with Capricorn rising in the Navamsha indicates chances of a bright start. Moreover, the Moon will also be in a favourable position, so in the initial few weeks, the movie may have a good run.

Dumdaar Performances!

  • The overall performances by the actors in the movie are likely to be good, feels Ganesha. John Abraham may impress one and all with his acting and muscle!

Mars and Action:

  • Ganesha observes that the placement of the Moon in the constellation of Mars and the powerful position of Mars in the Chart are all very supportive for the movie as its core genre is action! We can expect some high-octane action sequences and thrilling fight scenes and the special effects are also likely to be very good.

Strong connect with the youth!

  • Ganesha feels that the favourable placement of planets in the 11th House indicates a good connect with the youth. John Abraham’s popularity may get a solid boost post the release of the film.

Watch out for Nishikant Kamat – says Ganesha!

  • Ganesha sounds very optimistic about the the role of the antagonist that Nishikant Kamat will play in this movie, as the stars indicate strong performances even by the actor/s in negative roles.

The Cash-Registers:

  • Be assured of wonderful business in the first week, says Ganesha to the makers of the film. Even the 2nd weekend will fetch considerably good business, but post that things may start slowing down.

Not So Handsome Business Prospects?

  • Primarily, Ganesha feels that this movie may face tough competition and due to this, the business prospects may get impacted. Though it may not mint money by the crores, it will be able to do decent business.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. PattniSpecial Inputs: Aaditya Sain
The GaneshaSpeaks Team