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Jennifer Aniston- A numerological forecast

Jennifer Aniston- A numerological forecast

The American film and television actress Jennifer Aniston, popularly known for her memorable role in the serial Friends, has starred in many Hollywood movies like Bruce Almighty, Office Space, and Along came PollyThe Break Up. Ganesha peeps deep into the books of numerology to predict her future.

Astrologically, Mars is not only a Day Ruler but also it is occupied by Moon Sign. Mars is significator of war, blood, strength, enemy etc. Natal Mars is in conjunction with Natal Moon in Scorpio Sign.

JENNIFER ANISTON is born on February 11, 1969. The total of the day is called Life Path, Life Lesson, Birth Path, Birth Force or, sometimes, the Destiny number. This number is chosen by nature rather than by you or your parents. As its name suggests, it shows your mission in life, your life work and what the universe intends for you. As per her Numeroscope, birth date total is 11/2. Her Life Path is the master number 11. This means that she has a special destiny, one that could easily bring her fame or at least the possibility of influencing a great number of people. Blessed with a unique intuition, she has a latent creative genius that, if cultivated, will be a source of great inspiration to others.

Though capable of great vision, she may often, however, feel out of balance herself. It helps to learn to operate on a practical as well as an idealistic level. It also means developing patience, seeing to the details and at least for a time learning to let others take the lead.

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Having the Impression number 3, she dreams of being a very well-liked person, magnetically gorgeous. She is an actor on center stage, the movie star, life of every party, charming everyone with her wit. Since she is conscious of the image she projects, only the latest and best in fashion will do. She may dream of the jet-set life or another glamorous lifestyle in which she is the star.

Her Impression color is yellow, and her Impression gem is the topaz. Ganesha advises her to wear this Gemstone to enhance the inner energy and potential.

As an Expression number, the master number 11 can indicate great potential as a progressive thinker with brilliant intuition and vision. She has the skill to create harmony out of conflict. Her tastes run to the exotic. Religiously in nature and high-strung, she is best off when working with others who are more practical than her. The supreme idealist, she needs to become more grounded if she is to apply her ideals to the real world. Ganesha feels that, a master number is too powerful a vibration to be used all the time. Instead, it requires special situation and energies.

The total of name and birth date is 4.

Number 4 is ruled by Rahu. A Power number of 4 signifies those who build order and stability into our world. Fours attract situations that require attention to detail and accuracy. Wherever she turns her attention, she organizes and creates her own structure.

Like a square table perfectly balanced and solidly positioned, fours are firmly planted on this earth. The pure, unvarnished truth is what you prefer.

Her Second Turning Point starts at age 35 and lasts until age 44.

Its number is 9. Total of 2008 is 10. We can say 1 also. Year 2008 will be ruled by Moon, Saturn and Sun. Considering JENNIFER’s numeroscope, this year shall be neutral as compared to previous year. Numbers 2, 8, 1, and 4 are enemy numbers for her. However, number 9 is an exception.

In the next nine years of her life, she will be called to seek out ways serving the world and fellow human beings. This is an ideal time to develop compassion and to learn to sustain herself with an enjoyment of all the beauty in her life.

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