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Splendid Performances and Hard-hitting dialogues will make ‘Jazbaa’ memorable! 

Splendid Performances and Hard-hitting dialogues will make ‘Jazbaa’ memorable! 

Ganesha foresees a wonderful comeback for Aishwarya and rates the movie 7 Laddoos out of 10!
One of the most awaited films in the recent times, Jazbaa seems to be a very special movie. Not only that the movie is one of the most ambitious projects of the talented director Sanjay Gupta, it also happens to be the comeback movie of the sensational and extremely beautiful Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. The former Miss World will be seen opposite the outstanding Irrfan Khan in the movie which promises to give us a rich cinematic experience with hard-hitting dialogues and some brilliant performances! Before the movie hits the theatres, Ganesha takes a look at the stars on the day of its release and predicts how it may fare at the Box-Office. Check out the special forecast!

”Jazbaa”, releasing on 09th October, 2015, Mumbai.

Release time Chart, Main Territory, Mumbai

  • Ganesha notes that ‘Jazbaa’ will release in Scorpio Ascendant.
  • Mars the Ascendant Lord is in the 10th House with Jupiter, Venus and the Moon.
  • Sun – the 10th House Lord is with retrograde Mercury and Rahu in the 11th House of gains.
  • Interestingly, there are two important Rajayogas – ‘Gaja Kesari Yoga’ and ‘Laxmi Yoga’ in the release time Chart.

The Week 1 and the Opening:

  • ‘Jazbaa’ is likely to have a good opening. People are likely to storm the cinema houses and various theatres showing this movie will be filled to capacity.

The performances…

  • Performance of the actors will be good but there will be critical views/remarks about the same too. The leading lady Aishwarya is most likely to be perform well in the movie. Irrfan will be fantastic as always, says Ganesha!

The scope…

  • It will do well in India and abroad. The concept and the story is most likely to connect well with the audiences, says Ganesha!

Moolah matters!

  • The film producers and distributors may earn expected profits out of this movie. Due to the benefic planetary combinations and the Rajayogas, the movie will earn handsome profits.


  • This movie will get nominated for some award, says Ganesha vehemantly! Filmfare, IIFA or Oscars, only time will tell, but awards and acclaim are sure things for this ambitious project!

Ganesha wishes good luck to the cast and crew of ‘Jazbaa’.

Ganesha’s Ladoos Rating** {of the available planetary support for the film
Ganesha’s Ladoos Rating

7 Ladoos*******

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Rantidev A. Upadhyay
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

** The Ganesha’s Ladoos Rating is NOT same as a regular Film Review Rating. Ladoos Rating is a part of the Film Prediction, and, unlike regular film reviews it is calculated Astrologically, before a film’s release/ viewing. Ladoos are Lord Ganesha’s favourite sweetmeat/ Indian mithai.

*** 5 Ladoos – Awesome; 4.5 – Sumptuous; 4 – Delicious; 3.5 – Very Tasty; 3- Tasty; 2.5 – Fairly Average; 2 – Just about Okay; 1.5 – Passable; 1 – Uh!; 0.5 – No!; 0 – No Comments…

Disclaimer : The Ladoos Rating is not meant to be a critical review or appreciation of any film, i.e. typically done after its release. Ladoos Rating is only intended to be a fair indication of the available planetary support for a film, basis the Chart cast for its Release Time, which, in turn, is meant to Astrologically forecast the box office performance of the movie.